Quality Hospital Accessories Start with Hospital Bed Casters

From carts that carry medical equipment to hospital beds, caster wheels are commonly used in the medical industry. It takes a lot of care to make hospital beds, and the caster wheels used in these beds are no different. These beds are specially designed for a medical environment.

Choosing the right caster wheels for hospital beds can literally save lives. They’re specially made for the medical industry because of their maneuverability.

The importance of choosing the right caster for your hospital bed

In hospitals and emergency rooms, Hospital bed casters must move around. By using the right type of caster wheel, the bed will be able to move easily from one place to another. This will prevent the bed from moving on its own and ensure that it stays in place.

With the right caster wheel, a hospital bed can be easily moved, which could compromise the patient’s health. During critical health situations, every second counts, so we need to move the patient effortlessly.

The doctors and other medical staff are busy dealing with sensitive issues during medical emergencies, and they do not have the time to worry about bed movement or wheels! Therefore, a hospital bed should have a perfect caster wheel so that medical staff won’t have to worry about it in an emergency.

We need to ensure that the wheel on a hospital bed also has a locking mechanism. Smooth wheels can roll easily, so if they are not locked, they can move on their own with the slightest provocation. Medical staff’s efficiency would be greatly hindered by choosing the wrong wheel at the start.

Hospital bed casters with central locking

Central locking casters have the following characteristics to meet the requirements of the hospital: light operation, flexible steering, ultra-quiet operation, wear-resistant, anti-winding, and chemical corrosion resistance.

The casters are equipped with rotating wheels with central lock, full lock, or directional lock, which are suitable for medical equipment. Additionally, this caster has been designed to be silent, reducing the noise generated during pushing and affecting the patient’s rest.

Using one or two direction lock casters, we can move the bed in a straight line when in the direction position. At the same time, medical central control casters only have a slight vibration when moving, and are easily fixed and secured to the bed.

Generally, medical central control casters use single or double wheels, which can be controlled 360 degrees without blind spots. In order to enhance the flexibility of turning the central control casters, the main frame universal steering house employs high quality precision ball bearings.

In our single wheel central locking casters, we use a direct press contact brake. In twin wheel central locking casters, we adopt gear locks that are much easier to use and require less force than single wheel locking casters.

Casters are mainly made of PA hubs, polyurethane wheels from German origin, which are wear-resistant, impact-resistant and heavy-loaded, extending the life of the casters.

The advantages of twin medical casters and how they are used

Several hospitals across the country are now considering double medical casters or twin hospital carts. Medical-grade casters are ideal for hospitals as they have many advantages over single casters. Here are a few of the advantages twin medical casters offer:

Can Carry More Load

One of the greatest advantages of double casters is that they can carry more weight than single casters without compromising their wheel size and height. Medicinal trolley casters are best equipped with double wheels since people usually push them around and they often contain considerable weights. A double caster makes it easy for you to move the cart around.

Due to the double casters, the trolley’s height won’t have to be increased, and it can handle a lot of weight without buckling.

Less noise

The majority of double medical casters are finished with materials that do not produce a lot of noise.

Unnecessary noise should be eliminated in a hospital environment. The reason for this is that doctors are experiencing sensitive treatment, and they need complete focus. Patients and their attendants are often stressed, so trolley noise can trigger them. The hospital does not have a policy on noiseless casters, but it is implied that they are preferred.

Typically, twin medical casters have a thermoplastic rubber or polyurethane finish, which reduces noise.

Easy To Manoeuvre

Unlike single wheeled casters, which pivot on their own pivot, twin medical casters can swivel independently, making moving the cart much easier. Single wheeled casters pivot on their own, especially when moving heavier loads.


With a nylon finish, double medical casters can withstand exposure to chemicals in a hospital environment and prevent any damage from wearing them down.

Hospitals often require constant movement of equipment and other items across the building, causing the wheels to come into contact with various surfaces on a daily basis. It is easy to maneuver on either uneven or chipped surfaces with double casters because they are resistant to damage.

How Do Hospital Bed Casters Overcome Their Challenges?

It is not uncommon for hospitals to deal with a variety of emergencies, and there is always something new and unexpected around the corner. Obviously, hospital equipment needs to be optimized to handle these situations, and casters are among the most critical pieces of equipment that need to handle the fast-paced daily workload of a hospital.

The use of the wrong casters can only hinder the workplace and make it difficult to move equipment around. Hospital casters are a highly critical piece of equipment in any medical environment, but they’re often overlooked.

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