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Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake What is Queencitydom.com?

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The covid pandemic has not yet affected the entire world. However, the world has been through so many challenges since last year. The Covid Vaccine was developed over a period of almost one year. Very few people experience side effects after receiving the vaccine. These side effects do not usually appear within 48 hours. However, some influencers from the United States and Canada experienced adverse reactions to vaccination. Her treatment was also funded by a GoFundMe page. This article will explain in detail whether this Queencitydom.com is real or fake.

What is Queencitydom.com?

Dominique De Silva, an influencer and creator of Queencitydom.com (@queencitydom), created Queencitydom.com. On March 18, 2021, she received her first dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. She felt ill while enjoying brunch with her family. She has since settled down. She falls ill again two weeks later. She felt a terrible pain in her legs. Her brain couldn’t support her walking and she had difficulty walking. She visited the doctors, and had several tests. But she was not able to use them. Doctors cannot give an exact answer. She also shared her situation on Queen City Dom’s Instagramaccount page and GoFundMe page

It took her a lot of effort to find the right solution. In the end, she discovered that there are many people in America and other countries who have the same problem. She decided to create a blog in order to spread awareness. Queencitydom.com was born.

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Additional Details on Her Posts:

After two weeks of vaccination, De Silva experiences a variety of symptoms. They are also not caused by the vaccine. Doctors said that there is no risk of these reactions from the covid vaccine. De Silva claimed she was experiencing adverse reactions after taking the covid vaccination. Are you a covid vaccine user?Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake?

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She also suffered from paralysis, tremors, and other symptoms. In our research, we found videos of her shaking and struggling to walk in hospital beds. She also added a voice-over, saying she would never hide her feelings. According to GoFundMe, she was unable to cope with other symptoms for two weeks after her vaccination.

Most side effects from the vaccine occur within 48 hours. These symptoms were only discovered by her after two weeks. These symptoms might not be as obvious as you think.

Public Reaction to Queen City Dom Tok:

She is a social media influencer, so she gained huge popularity. She received a huge response and raised money up to ten thousand dollars. She was vaccinated March 18th. After suffering through the negative symptoms, she posted about her situation on July 17, 2017. There might be some doubt as to her adverse symptoms. Other social media accounts, such as tik tok, were also set up by her and received tremendous responses. These symptoms could not be due to the covid vaccination, according to many.

Final Verdict:

We can draw the conclusion that Queencitydom.com is Fake and she may have struggled a lot. These symptoms could not be due to the covid vaccination. Side effects usually appear within 48 hours. These side effects are not due to vaccination, doctors explained.

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Do you have any thoughts on this news? Comment below.

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