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Anthony Watson is an accomplished entrepreneur, renowned for co-founding Watson Realty Co., a prominent full-service real estate brokerage. His successful career journey has been marked by relentless pursuit of knowledge and astute business decisions.

Starting in private industry, he spent nearly a decade honing his skills. However, his ambitions propelled him to enter the world of real estate investment full-time in 2000. This bold decision was a defining moment for his future success.

Watson Realty Co.: A Testament to Anthony’s Vision

His brokerage, Watson Realty Co., is recognized for its high-quality services, including top-notch marketing strategies and expert client representation. Anthony’s real estate acumen has proven instrumental in shaping the company’s success.

The Heartfelt Love Story of Anthony and Quiana Watson

Behind every great man, there’s a great woman, and Anthony Watson’s partner in life is the impressive Quiana Watson. Their love story is an intriguing tale of chance meetings, lasting connections, and heartfelt engagements.

The Chance Encounter That Changed Everything

In 2009, destiny intervened in the lives of Anthony and Quiana. They crossed paths at a car wash, where Anthony, struck by Quiana’s radiant presence, couldn’t resist approaching her. Their chance meeting led to an exchange of phone numbers, and the next day, they went on their first date.

Building a Strong Bond

Over the next three years, their connection grew stronger. Anthony’s decision to introduce Quiana to his mother in 2011, was testament to his seriousness about their relationship. Convinced Quiana was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, Anthony dedicated himself to preparing for a lifelong commitment.

A Magical Engagement

Their love story took a turn towards forever during a trip to Cancicun. To celebrate Quiana’s 30th birthday, Anthony planned a surprise proposal on the beach. Amid the candles spelling out “Will You Marry Me,” he knelt and proposed. Quiana joyfully accepted, marking the beginning of their journey towards marriage.

Diverse Industries Inc: Anthony’s Entrepreneurial Stint

Anthony serves as CEO/CFO of Diverse Industries Inc, which assists entrepreneurs secure funding and loans to expand their businesses. Through this role, Anthony utilizes his extensive real estate investment and financing experience to contribute greatly to the expansion of numerous ventures.

Anthony’s Real Estate Ventures

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Anthony has been a part of numerous real estate deals, earning him over $5 million in revenue. His innovative and creative approach, especially in leveraging technology, has consistently delivered exceptional results for clients.

Quiana Watson: From Realtor to Reality TV Star

Quiana Watson, born on 12th October 1982, is a successful entrepreneur, realtor, and real estate broker. She is known for her successful real estate agent career which she began in 2007 in the Metro Atlanta area.

Quiana’s Career Growth in Real Estate

Quiana’s journey in the real estate world has seen her play many roles. After starting as a marketing specialist for Miles Properties in 2007, she went on to become a licensed realtor for Solid Source Realty in 2009. She then moved to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers and later to Princeton Properties, where she worked as a property manager.

Watson Realty Co. and Agent’s Tool For Success

Currently, Quiana serves as the real estate broker of Watson Realty Co., her own company. In addition, she has founded Agents Tool For Success, a coaching company for real estate agents. Her excellent track record and dedication have placed her among the top 2% of producing real estate agents, as per the National Association of Realtors.

Quiana’s Foray into Television

Quiana expanded her horizons in January 2022, when she joined the cast of the OWN TV series “Ladies Who List: Atlanta.” This unscripted series offers an inside look into what it takes to succeed in the high-end real estate market.


Both Anthony and Quiana Watson have made a significant impact on the real estate industry. Their journey together as partners – both personally and professionally – serves as an inspiration to many; together they will surely leave a legacy both within business and beyond.

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