Quick Guide To Replacing An Ordinary Bath Into A Walk-In Shower

Are you tired of your old traditional bath space? Replacing your ordinary bathroom with a modern design is a great idea! There are many new and contemporary designs for bathrooms coming up every day. Having an accessible bathing experience is what everyone wants! 

A walk-in shower is a true definition of style and practicality. It will not only add convenience to the bathroom but also ensures safety. For instance, if you have someone at your place with mobility concerns, a walk-in shower would be more helpful than a bathtub.

Now that you are compelled by the idea of installing a walk-in shower, let’s look at converting your bath into a beautiful shower space.

Research About Walk-In Shower Designs

The internet has numerous walk-in shower designs from which you can choose what best suits your space. You will find various styles, such as hinged-door walk-in showers and sleek frameless glass showers. While researching this, also watch for a walk-in shower manufacturer. It is because the design you like should align with the forte of the manufacturer. Only then your walk-in shower space will be the highlight. 

Measure Your Space And Plan Accordingly

Before installing, you must prepare a precise plan and carefully measure your bathroom area. Consider the measurements of your current bathtub and the surrounding space. You must choose the best position for the walk-in shower and verify that it fits comfortably inside the available area. Therefore, consult a professional at this point. It will help ensure that the design is viable and satisfies your needs.

Remove The Bathtub

Once the plan is ready, it is time to remove the bathtub! However, be careful with this entire procedure, as little here and there can destroy the look of the space. If you are not confident doing this task, take the help of an expert who can do this work for you. A professional will ensure the bathtub is appropriately removed and disposed of properly.

Waterproofing The Space

Now that the bathtub is removed, you have a plain canvas to work with. Begin with waterproofing the walk-in shower area. It will prevent leaks and potential water damage. While proofing the shower area, don’t forget to seal the walls and floors.

Next, install the drain system and shower pan. You might not want your shower area to leak from everywhere. That is why proper drain placement is compulsory. It ensures that water flows freely, eliminating pooling and making cleaning easier.

Install Wall Panels

Once the base is ready, you can proceed with beautifying the space. You can use panels, tiles, and glass to create a nice wall. Depending on the design you chose earlier, experiment and curate a vast and elegant wall. Remember to seal the wall surrounds to avoid seepage.

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Give A Finishing Touch

The finishing touch is mandated to have a complete transformation. Install a showerhead and controls that are right for you. Consider installing safety measures such as grab bars and nonslip flooring to improve accessibility and lower the chance of accidents.


Following this easy guide, you can easily replace your standard bath with a magnificent walk-in shower. Having a fashionable, accessible, and safe room that enriches your bathing experience with careful planning and correct design is a dream of many! So, what are you waiting for? Embrace modernism and install a walk-in shower today!

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