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Raghav Chadha has quickly made waves in Indian politics since becoming known for his youth, energy, and talent. From Rajya Sabha membership and Vice Chairship of Delhi Jal Board appointments to national spokesperson for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Chadha wears many hats – most recently making headlines through his romantic relationships with Parineeti Chopra from Bollywood fame – adding even further depth and complexity to his already multidimensional persona.

Who is Raghav Chadha?

Born on November 11, 1988, in Delhi, Raghav Chadha had a fairly conventional upbringing. He went to Modern School, Barakhamba Road, and graduated from the University of Delhi. Subsequently, he pursued Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and also earned a certification in EMBA from the London School of Economics.

What Led Him to Politics?

Raghav Chadha first found success as an activist during Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption movement of 2011. At this point in time he came into contact with Arvind Kejriwal who would become Chief Minister of Delhi later. His first significant political task was drafting the Lokpal Bill in 2012, encouraged by Kejriwal himself.

What Milestones Has He Achieved in His Political Career?

Chadha’s political journey has been on an upward trajectory ever since he joined AAP. At just 26, he became the party’s national treasurer. Although he lost in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections representing the South Delhi Parliamentary Constituency, he garnered the maximum votes among AAP candidates. In 2020, he finally tasted electoral success by winning the Rajendra Nagar seat in the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections. His role as the vice-chairman of the Delhi Jal Board and his recent nomination to the Rajya Sabha only add to his growing list of achievements.

How Significant is His Role in AAP’s Punjab Victory?

Chadha’s influence isn’t limited to Delhi politics. He was credited as the co-architect behind AAP’s sweeping victory in Punjab, where the party won around 80% of the seats. He has since been appointed Chairman of the Advisory Panel, Punjab by the Chief Minister of Punjab.

What’s Going On in His Personal Life?

Earlier, rumors abounded about Chadha’s relationship with Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra. The rumors gained substance when the couple got engaged on May 13, 2023, in a ceremony attended by known personalities from both Bollywood and politics. They first met each other at London School of Economics and remain close.

What’s His Financial Status?

Despite his increasing popularity and roles in governance, Chadha leads a simple life. He has a net worth of approximately Rs 50 lakhs and recently bought a house worth Rs. 37 lakhs. He also owns a Maruti Swift Dzire and has transportable assets valued at around Rs 36,99,471, according to

What’s Next for Raghav Chadha?

Chadha’s future appears promising, both professionally and personally. His impending marriage to Parineeti Chopra has garnered much attention, and politically, he is on a robust path. As a member of the Rajya Sabha’s Standing Committee on Finance, Chadha is in a position to influence national financial policy.

Raghav Chadha exemplifies the possibilities of youth in Indian politics. From his early involvement in the anti-corruption movement to his present role in governance, Chadha has evolved as a political leader. With an imminent wedding and an ever-expanding career, Chadha is undoubtedly a figure to watch in the Indian political landscape.

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