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Ramya makes fun of Shivani Narayanan in the latest Bigg Boss 4 Tamil promo

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The six winners of the Clockwork Task in the first promo at the Big Boss show were announced as contestants for next week’s Captain Tournament. In this situation, in today’s 2nd promo, there are scenes where Ramya teases Shivani with the words ‘Bala Mama Bala Mama.’

A discussion took place between Aajeedh, Samyuktha, and Ramya on who is the worst competitor. Aajeedh then tells both Suchi and Shivani. Then Samyukta asked, “What did Shivani do?” Ramya teased, saying, “That’s what she didn’t do anything. She stays in the house to please Balaji only by calling him Bala mama, Bala mama.”

Ramya also says that Shivani does not show interest in any other task inside the house and involves herself only in pleasing Balaji. There is also a teasing scene of Ramya imitating Shivani, and everyone around her is laughing about it.

Although Balaji and Shivani are said to be in love, Balaji denies being in love with anyone inside the house in the recent episode.

Here is the promo:

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