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Raspberry Whipped Cream Is Great For Berry Lovers Out There

Blueberry and strawberry whipped cream are some of the most popular whipped cream recipes out there. The reason is that berries are just perfect to add up with milk, which turns the berries into a more lovable dessert that both adults and kids love. However, raspberry appears to be an uncommon type of ingredient that’s used for whipped cream recipes. But little do others know that creating raspberry-flavored whipped cream is one of the most wonderful snacks that you would love to indulge on. 

In this article, I will teach you how to make raspberry whipped cream that will surely tingle your taste buds. It’s also excellent to add in some desserts such as parfaits and pastries. Rest assured that the method of doing this type of whipped cream is just the same as strawberry and blueberry, which is easy to do and requires a few steps only!

Raspberry Whipped Cream Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that you must purchase to create this delicious raspberry whipped cream:

  • 4 cups of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of confectioners’ sugar. You can still use powdered sugar if you want an alternative sweetener.
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Raspberries. The more raspberries you apply to the whipped cream, the tastier it will get!

Take note that you must make sure that the raspberries are a lot if you want to make the berry flavor stronger once you create the whipped cream variant. Take note that since we are talking about berries, there will be bits that will be left into the whipped cream even if you mix it thoroughly. So be sure not to put too much, as it might become a creamy raspberry paste, rather than the smooth cream that we all know about. Sadly, raspberry flavoring is harder to find. That’s why raspberries are easier to buy.

Remember that you can always make adjustments to the ingredients of your whipped cream. If you want to make the mixture creamier, then add up more heavy cream. If you want to strengthen the taste of the raspberry, then just add up more berries. If you feel that the raspberry has a sour feel to it, then add more confectioners sugar. Adjusting the flavor of the whipped cream is always free to do, but be sure not to put too much of one ingredient. 

For the utensils needed to prepare the raspberry whipped cream, be sure to have a blender or food processor to crush the raspberries first. Next is to get a large bowl for mixing the whole cream, and a small bowl to put all of the processed raspberries so then you can easily pour them once you start whipping the cream. For whipping the cream, be sure to have a whisk or a hand mixer ready to make the task so easy to do. 

Preparing the Raspberry Whipped Cream

It is not complicated to create the raspberry whipped cream, and the steps are not that long to do. Here are the following:

1. Apply the raspberries into the food processor or blender, and start shredding the berries into something that almost looks like a liquid in form. Make sure that they are ground thoroughly to ensure that there are no large bits that will make the whipped cream’s texture seem rough to the tongue. 

Start placing the heavy cream into a large bowl, and then use your mixer or whisk to start the whipping process. As you whip the cream, add up the vanilla extract and the confectioners’ sugar as you process everything. Add up the raspberry after that as well, and make sure that you mix for a maximum of 4 minutes. Be sure not to do it for too long to avoid turning your whipped cream into “raspberry butter”, which does not seem to be appealing at all. 

If you want to make the whipped cream more stable, be sure to apply it into a whipped cream canister by applying the whole cream into it. After that, apply the whipped cream charger to pack the whole cream and container with the N2O to stabilize your newly-made cream. In this way, it will always look appealing once you spray the whipped cream on top of your food or drinks.

Raspberry whipped cream is perfect to add on parfaits, some cakes, biscuits to sweeten it, and even on some drinks that are excellent if you add berries into it. Some places might have a hard time doing this due to the lack of raspberry in their respective markets. But rest assured that making this, and the taste of it, is just as delicious as the usual strawberry and blueberry whipped creams. 

So what are you waiting for? This new recipe is worth trying now, and will surely make your dessert even more fun if you just love to indulge in berries!

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