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Reason Behind the Foul Smell from Air Conditioner

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Foul smell from air conditioners is a common problem faced by many property owners. According to experts, the reason why air conditioning odours are given below-

  • Bacterial growth
  • The smell from greasy objects
  • Pests and rodents
  • Environmental issues

 Symptoms To Call Duct Cleaning Professional

In case you sense these symptoms, you need to connect with a professional firm for duct cleaning in Melbourne

Smell Due To Bacterial Growth-

You might experience a typical foul smell that is caused due to bacterial growth and fungal growth like mould and mildew. As mould in your ducts, it creates a pungent and musty odour. This odour is an indicator that alerts you about bacterial or fungal growth in your air conditioner and that you might be inhaling compounds produced by the mould or mould spores. This is extremely harmful to your respiratory system and needs immediate clean up of your ducts. One might face problems like difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, itchy eyes, sinus, sore throat pain, joint pain, bronchitis, pneumonia and severe migraines. After hiring professionals from reliable 

Smell Due To A Dead Animal Caught Somewhere Inside Your Air Conditioner- 

If you experience a smell like rotten eggs in your room, then there might be a dead insect, bird or animal stuck in your air conditioner. These creatures might get attracted to the darkness around air conditioners and try to find shelter there. However, if they get caught, then they might lose their lives inside. After their death, their body starts decomposing and emitting a foul odour. In case you experience such a situation, then do not think much and hire a professional duct cleaner for cleaning your air ducts and conditioner so that the fresh odour in your room is not hampered. Hiring a professional service can help you to negate the chances of infection due to the decomposition of dead animal bodies. Professionals will help you to remove animals and get the air conditioner cleaned at the earliest. Also, they can help you to sterilize the air conditioner thoroughly to prevent any sort of bacterial build up. 

Rodents And Pest Infestation-

Rodents and pest infestations in your home might cause foul odours and also outspread of infections. You might experience a pungent and unpleasant smell if something has crawled into your air conditioning system and has been trapped to death. This smell is not the only thing that can bother you. If your air conditioner is placed near the kitchen, then bacteria and pathogens which spread due to rodent and pest infestations can mix up with the air and pollute your food. 


In case you experience a smell like something is burning in the room, then this might be due to overheating. You might have an overheated motor, a wiring issue, or any other mechanical problem. To get it fixed, you can turn the HVAC system off immediately from your breaker box. Sometimes the smell might be similar to gun powder, which might indicate an issue in AC’s circuit board or fan motor.

However, in case this burning odour persists for long, you might consider evacuating your space and connecting with the fire department. At times, melting plastic elements can also give off an odour fishy or rotten egg smell. You will also need to cut off the power to the circuits from the breaker box, evacuate your home and contact the fire department.

You should enter the property only after experts mark that property as safe for re-entering. To recheck if it is completely safe, you can also schedule a visit by proficient technicians who can examine your HVAC system and assure that your property is safe to reside in. 

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Through regular duct cleaning and ac coil cleaning service, you need to prevent expensive repairs and keep pollutants away. However, it is not an easy task one needs advanced equipment and technical expertise for fulfilling this. While cleaning, there might be a possibility of mould, dead creatures and also dander. Also, anyone who cleans ducts or air conditioners needs to wear proper gear with protective clothes for avoiding contact with any contaminants and harmful elements. So, in case you are someone who has no experience with such tasks, then you need to seek professional help. In case you choose DIY duct cleaning, then this might either lead to extra damage or might cause infections in your respiratory systems. Hence, if you wish to get comprehensive duct cleaning or ac coil cleaning services in Melbourne, then it is recommended that you connect with a professional firm that has expert technicians who are well qualified and skilled to execute this job. Also, they have highly efficient vacuum cleaners and specialized systems which are specially designed to reach the inner parts of your duct and clean that area completely.  

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