Reasons for Family Yacht Cruise

Often families are looking for a way to spend time together in vacation mode but don’t want to go to just another tourist resort.  One of the less commonplace choices is a luxury yacht rental.  A luxury cruise around southern California can be the vacation that the whole family remembers for years to come.


There is an aura about cruising on the open sea that provides the freedom of the wind and waves.  You can turn it into an adventure of unexpected sights of marine life and moments of charm as you move closer to shore and glimpse familiar buildings but from an entirely new perspective. 

Somewhere along the line, everyone has had the opportunity to enjoy the romanticized films of sailing the high seas.  There is little time for boredom when you have discussed the activities with the organizers.  A San Diego yacht charter can include paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, game areas, a water lounge.  Seating includes both shaded areas and sun-filled decks. 


On a luxury cruise ship, you don’t forsake any amenities.  The cabins are modern and decorated in natural tones and designed for intimate comfort.  With four bedroom areas, there is plenty of room for an entire extended family.  Don’t worry about the internet, you will never feel disconnected, we offer free Wi-Fi connections.

There is a main salon that operates as a dining area or converts to indoor seating to enjoy the rows of viewing windows.  We offer a full galley and can accommodate the catering of your choice.  Feel free to bring your favorite beverages on board and we will be glad to serve them at your direction.

Spend time on the deck at the front of the boat where you will enjoy a 360-degree view or move to the top of the boat for a different perspective.  Our crew will offer all safety precautions so you can feel comfortable about enjoying the sail.

Learning Experience

Don’t tell the kids but there are many things to learn while on a cruise. Just observing the captain and crew they can pick up the specialized methods it takes to operate a Fort Lauderdale yacht charter. It will leave an individual of any age with an appreciation of the technical skills necessary to become a seafarer.  Communication skills are imperative and you can encourage conversation among all your family when you discuss the day’s sights and sounds.

Everyone can become engaged in activities from water sports to identifying sea life to spotting the highlights along the San Diego shore.  You can plan special events like a treasure hunt or an exotic meal.

At The Standard Yacht, we welcome adults of all ages and children.  Young children will be required to wear flotation vests and we will be happy to supply them for your convenience.  

Safety is a top priority.  Because our crew have their own assigned duties, they are not available to babysit.  If your children need extra attention, you may want to consider adding a nanny to your entourage.

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