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Reasons for Increasing Car Accidents in Summer

Summer is the finest season for many people. It is the end of the school year, which means enjoyable vacations, camping excursions, days at the park or beach, backyard barbeques, and pool time. Summer, as enjoyable and thrilling as it is, is also one of the most hazardous seasons of the year owing to an increase in accidents.

Indeed, the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day shows such a tremendous spike in accidents that it has been dubbed the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer.” And, although this time of year may be dangerous for everyone, it is especially dangerous for juvenile drivers.

In fact, although automobile accidents are the most common cause of death at this time of year, other types of accidents may also rise.

Factors that counted as key reasons for increasing accidents during summertime:

In general, more people are outdoors and on the roadways throughout the summer. As a result, the likelihood of being involved in an accident increases. However, this does not just mean that vehicle accidents are becoming more common. Boating accidents, camping accidents, amusement park accidents, swimming accidents, playground accidents, and other recreational accidents are also more common during the summer.

During the summer, people prefer to perform more yard and cleaning, which might contribute to an increase in personal injuries at home. And since dogs are more likely to be outdoors during the summer, there may be more dog assaults and dog bite injuries.

However, of all the accidents that occur, vehicle accidents are the most concerning. And here are some of the most typical reasons for a rise in automobile accidents throughout the summer:

Teenager drivers:

Summer months imply no school or fewer students. And, of course, when children, especially teens, have more free time, they are more prone to get into mischief. Teen drivers are more likely to be on the road over the summer and to be joy riding with companions, particularly at night. Unfortunately, this increases their proclivity to speed, be distracted, and drink while driving, resulting in a rise in accidents.


In the summer, when school is out and the weather is pleasant, families go on vacation. The chance of an accident rises as the number of vehicles on the road rises.

Drunken driving

Another frequent summertime cause of accidents is drunk driving. On weekends like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day, drunk and drugged holiday drivers are likely to cause collisions. Driving while inebriated slows down a driver’s response time and makes it harder for them to concentrate on the task at hand.

Road construction

The chance of an accident also rises throughout the summer due to increased road work. Some drivers don’t drive carefully near work zones, and some construction companies don’t put up the right signs or leave equipment and debris on the road.

Warming temperatures

Long, hot drives can cause car engines to overheat. Moreover, the advent of high temperatures might cause damaged parts to malfunction.

Dangerous weather conditions

In the summer, some locations in the United States, particularly coastal ones, see more severe weather. Tropical storms and hurricanes frequently strike throughout the summer, making driving in poor visibility dangerous.

Safety tips for driving in summer:

  • You should constantly maintain your car serviced and examined. Check tire pressure, replace any broken parts, change the oil or top it off, have a comprehensive tune-up, check your brakes to make sure they’re working correctly, and repair or replace any worn-out components.
  • The supplies you would require in case of a breakdown should be kept in every vehicle. In case of emergency, pack supplies such as water, food, medicine, tools for repairs, jumper cables, and other necessities.
  • Check that everyone is buckled up in their seatbelts, the car seats are fastened securely, and that no children are seated in the rear seat before you start driving.
  • The likelihood of a collision rises whenever a motorist is paying attention to something other than driving. Never attempt to multitask while operating a motor vehicle.

Final thoughts

The summer months are the best time for holidays and road trips since school is out and the weather is becoming warmer. Unfortunately, more travelers also imply a higher likelihood of traffic-related incidents. Major summer holidays like Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day draw revelers and increase the frequency of drunk driving incidents. If you are living in California and have an accident, you should call a personal injury lawyer such as Shea & Shea Personal Injury Lawyers.

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