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Reasons to Use the Herringbone Pattern in Your Interior Design

You find the herringbone pattern boring and insipid? Think that it is suitable only for old-fashioned buildings, entrance halls, and formal living rooms? If you really think so, you might want to think again now that this devastatingly stylish pattern is making a rapid comeback in modern homes. Below are some good reasons why using the herringbone pattern in your interior design can be a great idea. 

Lots of people are looking for durable and reliable materials when renovating their homes. Given the expensiveness of materials and home accessories, there are few people who wouldn’t want to save a dollar or two on a remodel. It’s not a secret that herringbone parquet is a great flooring option for those who value classic designer solutions. You can’t go wrong with this timeless pattern that affords additional stability and durability due to its particular layout. What’s more, this layout can go a long way in helping your floor maintain its form and stability in humidity and adverse weather conditions. The same goes for wall covering. Professional designers are now actively using herringbone wall coverings to add a particularly elegant and classy look to a space. Such coverings are also famed for their durability and wear resistance. 

Easy to Maintain 

Slate Herringbone Entry Way- A timeless and durable design - Remington  Avenue

Unlike other surfaces in your home like floors and walls that have smooth surfaces, the herringbone surface doesn’t impose any specific maintenance obligations on homeowners. Of course, herringbone floors and wall tilings gather dust and dirt just like other surfaces. Nevertheless, this pattern doesn’t let them get trapped and show. Herringbone parquet also can be resurfaced easily and repaired if need be, while herringbone tiles are easy to clean and take care of.    

Great for Combining with Other Design Solutions 

Современное облицовка стен старыми деревянными досками  1 — изображение

Eclectic interior designs are riding the crest of popularity these days. So, if you’re after cool and original patterns and décor elements that can make your home shine, herringbone can be the best bet for you. Not only does this pattern allow for additional durability and ease of maintenance, but it also may serve as a great décor element or full-fledged flooring or tiling solution that will ideally fit your interior. You can successfully combine the herringbone pattern with other elements and patterns. It can harmoniously fit with your classic interior, as well as with contemporary and boho style. Herringbone peel and stick wallpaper can masterfully complement your minimalist bedroom or lend a more pretentious look to your traditional shabby chic space. Herringbone parquet can become a sophisticated accent or a focal point in a Provence-styled or rustic interior. 

You can easily spruce up the boring look of the traditional herringbone pattern by adding alternating colors and changing the layout. You can also experiment with textures and materials to make this pattern look more effective and innovative.      

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