Redefining Printing With The Fujitsu Fi-8000

For many work environments, scanning and printing go hand in hand. Both have kept pace with technological advancements, resulting in efficient paper-to-digital conversion, better data storage and improved print quality. Ultimately, the process begins with a powerful high-quality document scanner. This short guide details how scanners in in Fujitsu’s fi-8000 series can bring such benefits to your workspace. 

Industry Leading Image Quality

Image quality is critical when it comes to scanning documents or images. Even with a double-sided scanner, maintaining image clarity is a must. Fujitsu incorporates several key technologies to ensure high-quality scans, allowing data and images to be more accurate and better processed. 

Paper Handling Technologies

The first step in getting high image quality is to ensure smooth scanning, and that’s where paper handling is essential. Fujitsu’s jam prevention technologies include Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection, which monitors the sounds of paper feeding through the scanner. If frequencies exceed a certain threshold, the scanner pauses the job. You can then correct issues such as twisted sheets or embedded staples. 

Image monitoring and Multi-Feed Detection perform similar functions to avoid jams, misfeeds and missing images during scan jobs. Image monitoring checks for the distance between sheets fed into the scanner, while Multi-Feed Detection detects any sheets that overlap each other. As with ISOP technology, the scanner will stop your current job so you can correct the problem.

Clear Image Capture

Clear Image Capture is a core feature on both the Fujitsu fi-8000 and many fi-7000 series scanners. CIC significantly improves scan clarity and color accuracy by using nearly 5,000 color levels to process images, as opposed to older technologies that use only 30 color levels. With this advanced image processing, CIC drastically cuts down on color shifting and line distortions. Text appears much clearer, making it easy for Optical Character Recognition technology to interpret it and save the data in formats such as MS Word and searchable PDF. Photos and artwork are also clearer thanks to CIC technology. 

More Advanced fi-8000 Features

Machines in the fi-8000 series are designed primarily for large office environments. As the flagship model in the series, the fi-8170 boasts a 100-page automatic document feeder plus scan speeds of up to 70 pages per minute. With both USB and Ethernet connectivity, the 8710 can easily handle multiple users and save files to machines within its network. The 8170 comes with CIC, ISOP, Multi-Feed and Image Monitoring technologies, plus a manual feed mode for cards and photos. Capable of scanning up to 10,000 sheets per day, it’s more than ready for your workplace’s demands. 

Choosing the Best Scanner

The fi-8000 series offers a large range of scanning solutions. Besides the fi-8170, specialized machines include the fi-8250 and f-8270 flatbeds scanner and the fi-8190, which scans up to 90 ppm and handles an Expected Daily Volume of up to 13,000 sheets. There’s also the fi-8150, designed for lighter workloads but packed with similar features as the fi=8170. With so many options available, you can easily select Fujitsu scanners that meet your organization’s needs. 

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