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What is Regents Schedule ?

Regent is an examination that’s held in New York State. This exam is based upon the core subjects taught in high school. To receive a Regents Diploma, students must pass three exams. Credits must be earned by students who pass courses that last a year or half a year. Students must pass five Regents exams after passing specific subjects. Students who excel can also be awarded an advanced designation or Honours. The exam will be held in January, August and June. Global History Regents Review is one of the perspectives on the exam.

Beginning of Regents Examination

First held in 1866, the regent’s examination was first conducted in November. In 1878, the Regents exam was held to evaluate the curriculum of secondary schools in New York. The original five regent’s examinations included algebra, Latin (science), American History, and natural geography. State Education Department concentrated on expanding the exam, offering 42 tests. In the 1920s the Regents examination also included vocational training. The courses in vocational education included salesmanship, agriculture and more. Later, the test also began to take responsibility for high school curriculum.

Regents Schedule 2023 Review

The regents schedule ran from mid-May to the middle of June. This schedule covers both the HS exam and the classes in the general classroom of the teacher. This examination’s main purpose is to give schools an evaluation of how well they are teaching and learning. This exam is based on the New York learning standard. The committee that prepares the exam is made up of teachers and subject specialists. The Regents Competency Test was given to all students in 1979, including those who were completing their graduation. The exam pattern changed in 2015. Regents schedule 2023 Reviewallows students and teachers to review the exam. The languages such as German, Latin, and Greek were replaced by Italian, Spanish, and French.

What will be the pattern of the exam?

The Regents exams last about three hours. Earth Science is the exception. This exam lasts 41 minutes. The three-hour test includes a lab component that can be given up to 2 weeks prior. In June, only the Physics exam takes place. All other exams are held in January, August and June. Regents Schedule for 2023 Reviewis now in its current status following various changes.

The board had to make many changes to the exam over time. The board changed the different subjects over time. The board modified the various subjects in different years.

In 2000, the mathematics curriculum was revised. Changes were made to the curriculum and the grades of the subjects.


The Regents is a standard examination in New York. The test is used to measure the grasp of students on various subjects. The exam pattern, credit marks and scoring pattern are of interest to people. For more information please click the link

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