Home Technology Released the first iPhone 12 Pro without cameras for more than $6,000

Released the first iPhone 12 Pro without cameras for more than $6,000

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  • This limited edition iPhone 12 Pro is designed “for those who want to feel safe in all situations”.

Caviar, the Russian brand is known for manufacturing exclusive phone designs and accessories with luxury materials have now released a special version of the iPhone 12 Pro that has caught the eye for a peculiar feature: the absence of cameras.

Named iPhone 12 Pro Stealth, this new line of smartphones completely removed the photographic system from the rear and disabled the front camera to protect users from covert surveillance. For Face ID, use the TrueDepth infrared sensor.

“Smartphones with cameras are not allowed in several secure places. In addition, many of us would simply like to feel safer because it’s not uncommon for scammers to access the camera of modern cell phones,” the company says.

The reason behind the name designation is because this edition of iPhone 12 Pro is inspired by the Stealth aircraft, designed to avoid detection thanks to its set of technologies capable of reducing the reflection/emission of radar, infrared, visible light, radio frequency spectrum, and audio.

The collection consists of two models, both made of hardened titanium: the Stealth, which features a vertical labrador with a durable black laser coating, and the Stealth Gold, which features an extra-strong gold PVD-covered housing.

Price and availability

As a limited edition, Caviar has released only 99 units of each model worldwide. The iPhone 12 Pro Sealth series can be purchased for $4,990 through the company’s official website.

Stealth Gold (Golden Titanium):

– iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Gold 128GB memory: $5,520.

iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Gold 256GB memory: $5,830.

– iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Gold 512GB memory: $6,220.

– iPhone 12 Pro Max Stealth Gold 128GB memory: $6,060.

– iPhone 12 Pro Max Stealth Gold 256GB memory: $6,370.

– iPhone 12 Pro Max Stealth Gold 512GB memory $6,750.

Stealth (titanium):

– iPhone 12 Pro Stealth 128GB memory: $4,990.

– iPhone 12 Pro Stealth 256GB memory: $5,300.

– iPhone 12 Pro Stealth 512GB memory: $5,680.

– iPhone 12 Pro Max Stealth 128GB memory: $5,530.

– iPhone 12 Pro Max Stealth 256GB memory: $5,840.

– iPhone 12 Pro Max Stealth 512GB memory $6,220.


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