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Reporter Arrested East Palestine – Is It a Scam or Not?

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We will be covering the entire incident in the Reporter Arrested East Palestine News and letting you know what happened to the reporter.

Did you hear about the arrest of a journalist in Ohio? What was it that led to his arrest? He wasn’t behaving professionally. What does the police say about this whole incident?

This arrest was made in one of the United States states. According to the latest reports, he was released from custody. The Reporter Arrested East Palestine matter spread like wildfire. Let’s take a look at all of it.

What’s the most recent news?

A viral video has been made about Evan Lambert, a NewsNation journalist who was being discharged while performing his duties. He was released on Wednesday at 10:20 p.m.

He was covering a press conference for the government about their cleanup efforts following a train accident in an Ohio town.

What has happened in the past? Why does East Palestine Reporter Arrest ?

Washington-based NewsNation journalist, came to Ohio to report on the train derailment. He was reporting live from the Ohio governor Mike DeWine’s press conference. Lambert was ordered to remain quiet by local police officers while DeWine spoke. The Columbian County Jail reported however that Lambert had been arrested and charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

What’s the point of a viral video anyway?

Multiple viral clips from the incident that day show how he was detained. One of the videos shows a Reporter arrested East Palestine, who is seen walking handcuffed. Lambert can be heard saying that he was being arrested because he demonstrated what live reporting should show.

East Palestine Police Department uploaded another video of the arrest, which is 9 minutes long. This video shows that Lambert was very loud at the conference and they advised him not to report. He was stopped by John Harris, Ohio National Guard, and the state highway patrol.

What would DeWine, Governor, say about all this?

Initialy, the secretary claimed that the governor couldn’t see the incident because of a line camera. On East Palestine Ohio Police Action, he stated that Lambert had the right to report and should have been allowed to.

DeWine stated that he had not authorized the arrest when questioned at the news conference. In fact, he invited Lambert to interview him following his release.

He said that if they were stopped from reporting in any way, that was wrong and would not be supported by him. In fact, he strongly disagrees with it. He also said that he was sorry for everything that happened.


All over the internet, the news about the reporter being arrested in East Palestine has gone viral. We have provided the information necessary to facilitate discussion about the entire incident. Watch the video of the arrest of the reporter.

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