Required Number of Hours to Learn Driving – What You Need to Know?

Driving lessons are a way to familiarise yourself with driving an automobile. The lessons will guide you in learning everything about the rules of the road how to travel safely in your car. The best way to become a professional driver is by understanding the required number of classes to master the art of driving. 

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Learning to Drive 

Driving experts suggest taking at least 60 hours of training to master the skill. These hours will not only help you learn everything related to driving and its rules, but will also prepare you in all possible ways to take the road test with confidence. However, students prefer learning quickly and in turn, will neglect the fact of sitting for at least 60 hours of driving lessons. 

If you are new to the world of driving, then you will need proper guidance to learn everything that comes with driving. Spending your learning hours with a qualified instructor is the first step here. 

Many driving schools offer assessment classes either for free or for a fee. You can enrol in such classes to get one-on-one time with your instructor. You both learn more about each other’s skills when it comes to learning and teaching driving. 

The Right Driving School 

The number of training hours provided for students who are interested in learning to drive vary from one school to another. Hence, the best way to choose the right school for you is by looking the particularities of the schools. Look at factors like: 

  • Schools with the privacy policy 
  • The number of training hours involved 
  • Payment proof 
  • Applicable fees 
  • Refund policies 

The number of training hours offered in every driving school will be decided based on many factors such as: 

  • The number of hours in-car 
  • The number of hours in the classroom for theoretical knowledge 

Many graduated licensing programs as designed by any state in Australia will determine the results of the final driving skills of a student based on certain requirements. This includes at least 12 hours of on-road instructions and 16 hours of in-class instructions. Students who complete the Safer Drivers Course Western Sydney will receive 20 hours of log book credits.

The other factors that determine the number of hours required for a student to learn to drive include: 

  • The frequency of lessons 
  • Age 
  • Private practice hours 
  • Financial resources 
  • Learning skills 
  • The knowledge of the driving instructor 

You can master driving skills before you complete the 60 hours of training. However, sitting through every class and learning everything that the instructor has to offer will widen your knowledge of everything that going along with driving. 

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