Riley Gaines Video – All the Details You Need to Know!

This article reveals all details about Riley Gaines Video, and highlights the incident at SFSU.

Did you see the Riley Gaines video? The United States is shocked to have seen the latest attack video and are eager for more information.

This article will contain all details about Riley Gaines Video. Keep checking back for all the latest updates.

Latest Updates on the Video

While Riley Gaines was giving a speech about protecting women’s sport, college students attacked her. Protesters forced her to blockade her home for three hours. The motive for the attack is still unknown.

Many people were shocked by the incident and the swimmer shared a video showing the officers who took her to safety following the attack. After being rescued by police, she was taken to a cell and shared a photo.

Do you have a Riley Gaines Twitter Account?

Riley shared the video from the attack on her Instagram account, thanked those who helped her and thanked them for their support. Riley also shared other videos in which security and university staff blocked the protesters.

They used abusive language and were encouraging trans women. It is not known what caused the attack. She posted information on the account regarding recent campus activity.

Riley Gaines Wikipedia

  • Full Name-Riley Gaines
  • Birthplace-California. America
  • Birth Date –September 7,2000
  • American Nationality- American
  • Profession –NCAA swimmer.
  • Marital Status –Married
  • Spouse– Louis Barker
  • Zodiac sign –Unknown

Riley Gaines Reddit Video

Reddit users can search for the latest news and find the video of the Trans activists’ attack online. It was heartbreaking. Once we have received the updates, we will provide more information on the video.

The protestors shouted at the police that they couldn’t free Riley no matter what case they tried. It was shocking to see Riley being attacked.

Who are Riley Gaines Husband ?

Louis Barker, Riley Gaines’s spouse, said to Fox News that they had a conversation while Riley was being barricaded. She told him that a man hit her several times wearing a dress.

Her husband is furious at the attack and demands that he take strict action against the protesters as well as the attackers.


Riley Gaines’s attack has been a hot topic with the people. The cops claim that they can’t reach her after the mob attack.

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