Rise of the Casino Trends in India: Telangana Leads the Way

Gambling, in general, is not considered a decent habit among the Indian population. This is somewhat justified, as many people who indulge in these habits end up losing all their wealth. The History of gambling dates to the Mahabharata age when the Kauravas played against the Pandavas. Even in the epics, Gambling is seen in a dark light. Since it is human nature to go towards anything that is restricted, prohibited or taboo. Gambling has been a part of Indian culture for a very long time now. 

Card games are the most popular among the Indian population. You can still find men in groups sitting in a circle and playing a hand to pass their leisure time. This activity has cultivated so much because of the no or very less involvement of money in these games. People enjoy card games during festivals like Diwali, which is taken as a ritual. Indians are one of the biggest sports enthusiasts. The love for sports has led to the involvement of people in sports betting. All these factors clubbed with the privileges that technology has provided, gave birth to online Gambling and casino trends in India.

Games like blackjack, poker and teen Patti are one of the most played card games in India. All these games are available on online casino websites. This article will talk about the rise of the casino trend in India and which part of the country is most affected by it. The factors responsible for this and what all tactics these Gambling websites play to make Gambling a commonplace thing in India. 

Let us discuss some factors that are responsible for the increasing gaming trend in India 

Online Gambling is rising in India due to various favourable factors. These factors can be broadly categorized into socio-economical, psychological, and Geographical. Gambling laws are strict in India and are strict, but when it comes to online Gambling, the clauses of regulations still need time to get firm. There are several legal betting websites and applications in India. These are easily accessible to those who have a smartphone and the Internet today. That means there is a huge window for online casino websites to build their market in India. 

The two major laws governing gambling activities in India are The Public Gaming Act of 1867 and the Information Technology Act of 2000. Both laws came when the Internet was not so much of a big thing, and online casinos was not a commonplace topic. This leaves a grey area and a field for people to cultivate their casino business. 

More about the Socioeconomic factor behind Gambling

Another reason is the socioeconomic factor that promotes Gambling. There are various aspects involved with Gambling in general. These are:

  • Competition
  •  Fearlessness 
  • and the ability to take risks.

 Gambling is played mostly to seek pleasure. This pleasure comes from socializing with people, winning and taking an escape from real-life issues for some time. There has been a rise in the number of players who got into online casinos during the Covid lockdown phase. People were looking for an activity to pass their time. What better activity than playing a card game and winning some extra money? People from middle-income groups and high-income groups with access to the Internet started playing online casino games. Online Gambling in India has become popular among children in their late teens and early twenties. The younger population who is looking for quick sources of money turned towards Gambling. The sources are other friends who were already into Gambling and famous celebrities promoting Gambling on different social media platforms. That is how socioeconomic factors affect the gambling habits of people. 

What is the most important factor that supplements the growth of online casinos in India?

Apart from socioeconomic reasons, the major cause of the growth of online Gambling in India is the accessibility and ease of Gambling. One needs a smartphone, a good Internet connection and a bank account to start the casino journey. There is always a risk of being caught by the parents or someone known in case the person is visiting physical casinos. But here, everything is on your device; nobody can deduce what activities a person is indulging in. Because of this, the younger population has come under the trap of online Gambling, and there have been cases of violence as well. The majority of the cases that came up had people with gambling addiction. 

The widespread 4G technology and its accessibility to young people have made online casinos a big parasite. This is one of the major reasons the big casino companies are focusing more on their applications. A casino app can be easily downloaded from the app store, and a person can start the gambling journey. This ease without any proper regulation has only led to financial crises and crimes. It is high time to form certain rules to keep these activities in check.

Why Telangana has more cases of Gambling addiction?

It has been in the news that Telangana is rethinking the bans that it put on all forms of casinos in 2017. There were many cases of suicide and violence coming from Telangana because of gambling addiction. The websites that people from Telangana were using were illegal offshore sites. The Indian Government has no control over them. The urge to play and win real cash among youth has led to the growth of the online casino Industry and catastrophe for many people.

There is a need for strict and well-formed regulations in Gambling. Along with that, the Government needs to keep a check on the way these casino games like teen Patti, blackjack and roulette are promoted. The celebrities promoting them not only promote a casino company but also provide wind to the fire of gambling addiction. Gambling with a sensible mindset can be a fun and exciting leisure time activity, but it can be a bottomless pit for people who forget to watch their steps.

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