Robert Lewis VS Ken :- Bob has pledged that he would abide by the constitution.

In the Colorado District 4, the fight would be between Robert Lewis and Ken. Read on to learn more about the candidates.

Did you know that in Colorado District 4, both republicans and democrats have finally announced the Congressional candidates? Ken Buck, who will be challenged by Bob Lewis at the next election, has been surprised by the Republican assembly. Redistricting has given the district a greater advantage in favor of the GOP. The United States is excited about the election. They would look forward to Robert Lewis against Ken, as it would be an interesting and engaging fight.

Colorado District 4 Elections 2022

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Ken Buck, the republican candidate, has represented Colorado District 4 since 2015. In the upcoming elections Ken would seek his fifth term as an officeholder. Ken currently serves in the Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committee. Robert Lewis against Ken Buck Colorado would see Buck driving votes to support his efforts in solving big tech antitrust problems. Buck is known to be a financial conservative. Buck was the ex-head of the GOP in Colorado. Buck also stood up for the integrity of Colorado’s electoral system.

Bob Lewis, a Republican from Albert County, owns a real-estate business. Bob was active in county GOP politics and served as vice chairperson for the party for five years.

The Election Between Robert Lewis and Ken

Bob has pledged that he would abide by the constitution. He is a constitutionalist at the core of the term. Bob also pledged that he would vote against federal funding. Bob also said he would oppose federal funding for illegal activities and would take steps against anti-American propaganda. Bob also stated that he would shut down illegal crossings at the southern border.

Bob and Ken are therefore two republican claimants. There is also a democrat candidate in the Robert Lewis vs Ken . Ike McCorkle, a former Marine who is running for Congress again. Ike, who is a committed environmentalist, would insist on environmental programs. Ike has made promises about affordable housing and caring for veterans.


Bob Lewis and Ken Buck are the Republican candidates in Colorado District 4. Their candidatures will now be determined for county elections. We have already listed all the qualifications and agendas for both Ken and Buck. You can also find details about the candidate for democrats. For more information, please visit

Colorado candidates for Congressional District 4 lay out.

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