Roberta Zaktzer Obituary What Happened To Roberta Zaktzer?

Ellen Goltzer, a 71-year-old former teacher from Great Neck School and contestant on the reality dating show “Golden Bachelor”, recently paid a touching tribute to her lifelong friend, Roberta Zaktzer. Their friendship, spanning several decades, was a pillar of strength and inspiration for Ellen, particularly in her decision to participate in the show.

Who Was Roberta Zaktzer?

Roberta Zaktzer was not just a friend but a confidante and an unwavering source of support for Ellen Goltzer. A fellow graduate of Valley Stream South High School, Roberta’s life was tragically cut short by cancer on September 10, 2023. Her passing came just before she could witness her friend’s journey on “Golden Bachelor”.

How Did Roberta Influence Ellen’s Decision to Join “Golden Bachelor”?

Ellen credits Roberta for being the driving force behind her decision to join the dating show. Roberta was instrumental in giving Ellen the confidence and trust necessary for finding love again at age 71, admitting that without Roberta’s backing she may never have ventured on this unique journey. Without Roberta’s encouragement Ellen might never have ventured forth on such an endeavor.

What Did Ellen Say About Her Friendship With Roberta?

In her emotional tribute, Ellen Goltzer spoke fondly of the decades-long friendship she shared with Roberta. Describing her as a source of inspiration and support, Ellen highlighted how their bond helped shape her life. She reminisced about their shared experiences and the invaluable role Roberta played in her life, both personally and professionally.

The Impact of Loss on Ellen’s Journey in “Golden Bachelor”

The loss of Roberta had a profound impact on Ellen as she navigated the challenges and opportunities on “Golden Bachelor”.Ellen’s journey on the show became not just about love but also an homage to Roberta and everything they taught each other over many years of friendship and lessons learned together. Ellen approached each episode with purpose in mind – wanting to honor Roberta’s memory by honoring it properly.

What Legacy Does Roberta Leave Behind?

Roberta Zaktzer’s legacy is one of courage, inspiration, and unconditional support. Her belief in Ellen’s abilities and her encouragement for Ellen to take risks and embrace new opportunities serve as a testament to the depth of their friendship. Roberta’s influence on Ellen’s life extends beyond her participation in “Golden Bachelor”, reflecting a bond that transcended the ordinary.

Ellen’s Message of Gratitude and Remembrance

In her tribute, Ellen expressed profound gratitude for having had Roberta in her life. She acknowledged the significant role Roberta played in shaping her decisions and outlook on life. Ellen’s heartfelt words not only celebrated their friendship but also offered a message of hope and resilience to those who have experienced similar losses.

How Has the Public Reacted to Ellen’s Tribute?

The public’s reaction to Ellen’s tribute has been one of empathy and admiration. Viewers of “Golden Bachelor” and the wider community have expressed their condolences and support for Ellen, recognizing the emotional weight of her journey on the show. Her story has resonated with many, showcasing the power of friendship and the impact it can have on our lives.

What Can We Learn from Ellen and Roberta’s Friendship?

The story of Ellen and Roberta is a poignant reminder of the enduring power of friendship. It teaches us the value of support, encouragement, and believing in each other’s dreams. Their friendship demonstrates how profound connections can profoundly influence our choices and pathways in life.

Ellen Goltzer’s tribute to Roberta Zaktzer is more than just a remembrance; it’s a celebration of a bond that shaped her life in countless ways. As Ellen continues her journey on “Golden Bachelor”, she carries with her the spirit and memory of her dear friend, reminding us all of the unbreakable ties that connect us to those we love.

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