Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87 Conclusion

Are you an avid participant or a regular player of Rockstar Game action adventure games? Are you having problems with the Rockstar Game Launcher? If so, then we’ve provided a number of fixes in this article.

Rockstar Games is a major courses producer of online games. However, a lot of people around the world particularly those in the United States, are experiencing issues regarding issues with the Rockstar Game Launcher. In this article we will look at Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87 and its fixes.

About Rockstar Games Launcher 6000.87 Error

Rockstar Games Launcher is the official launcher for the well-known gaming publisher Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games publishes action-adventure games and is the official publisher of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Other well-known games by the publisher include Midnight Club as well as ManHunt.

A lot of players are experiencing the 6000.87 Error. The error hinders users from accessing the Launcher. This means that the screens of some players aren’t loading, while some are experiencing freezing issues on the initial launch. Certain players also have connectivity issues. We have provided solutions to assist our readers who have encountered this issue.

Liste of fix for Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87

It is the Rockstar Games Launcher 6000.87 Problem does not allow players to open their Rockstar Games Launcher. Here are some solutions to the problem.

  • Restart or launch to launch the Rockstar Game Launcher

Try restarting to restart the Rockstar Game Launcher in order to resolve some minor errors and bugs. Users are advised to start with a simple restart prior to exploring other solutions that are more complex.

  • Make sure you have clean boot

If the launcher’s not working, then there’s the possibility of software interfering. To determine the cause of this issue, it is possible to try an unclean boot.

  • Use the keys Windows + R to open the Run dialogue box. Windows + R and open the Run dialog box.
  • Input msconfig in the box, and then press Enter to resolve Rockstar Games launcher error 6000.87.
  • A tab for configuration will appear.
  • On the configuration tab choose the survive option and search for hidden All Microsoft Services and disable it.
  • Start the Task Manager on the Startup tab.
  • You can disable all the startup items from the Task Manager section under Startup by clicking right-clicking on each one and removing them.
  • Shut down the Task Manager tab.
  • Click OK on the System Configuration on the Startup tab.
  • Restart the PC now in order to finish the boot clean.
  • Install your Social Club app and the Rockstar Game launcher

If you are unable to resolve the issue If nothing works, you must install the application again to resolve your issue. Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87. Follow these steps the following:

  • Start the Run dialog tab with the help of Windows + R.
  • Enter appwiz.cpl in the Run dialog box and then hit enter.
  • Find look for Rockstar Games Social Club and Rockstar Game Launch file. Right-click on the files, then uninstall them one at a time.
  • Start the File Explorer by pressing Windows + E and search for caches and backups within your PC’s C drive, and then remove the files.
  • Then, install the launcher and then install it.


The Rockstar Game Launcher 6000.87 Error can be a source of concern for the users and we hope these solutions help you resolve the issue. Go to this site to learn more. Rockstar Game Launcher websiteto find out more.

Was this post on Rockstar Games Launcher Error 6000.87 helpful to you? If yes, let us know if the issue was resolved or not.

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