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Roger Staubach has long been recognized for both his football greatness and business acumen. From Dallas Cowboys quarterback to an estimated net worth of over $600 Million by 2023 is testament to Roger’s talent, foresight, and dedication – an unforgettable tale!
This article explores Staubach’s football career, his ventures into the business world, and his philanthropic activities.

How Did Roger Staubach Become a Football Legend?

Roger Staubach led a remarkable football career for Dallas Cowboys from 1969-1979. Dubbed Captain America and Captian Comeback by fans alike, Staubach led them to five Super Bowl appearances (winning two). As testament of his greatness on the field – including being named six-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl VI MVP award recipient – Staubach led league in passer ratings four times leading them all the way until retirement from active play in 1979. His legacy will never fade within NFL.

What Contributed to Staubach’s Massive Net Worth?

Staubach was one of the highest-earning NFL players during his time, but post-football business endeavors greatly increased his net worth. While his last NFL salary of $160,000 in 1979 may have seemed considerable at the time, his foresight in real estate expanded his wealth exponentially leading him to achieve an estimated net worth of over $600 Million by 2023!

How Did Staubach Transition from NFL to Business?

Roger Staubach’s transition from an NFL player to business mogul was marked by hard work, strategic planning and dedication. Even during his playing days during the 1970s he worked as a real estate broker during the off season; eventually in 1977, he established the Staubach Company which focused on real estate; this venture flourished significantly over time.
This move showcased his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

What Was the Impact of Staubach’s Real Estate Ventures?

The Staubach Company flourished under Roger’s leadership, expanding its clientele and services. In a strategic move to grow internationally, Staubach partnered with Jones Long LaSalle, a Chicago-based real estate firm. The acquisition of the Staubach Co. by Jones Long LaSalle in 2008 for $640 million, paid out over several years, was a testament to the company’s success and Staubach’s business prowess.

Did Staubach Venture into Other Business Areas?

Roger Staubach ventured beyond real estate into sports management as well. Together with Troy Aikman he co-owned Hall of Fame Racing, an NASCAR Cup Series team in NASCAR Cup Series racing.
This diversification into sports management reflected Staubach’s passion for sports and his inclination to explore different business arenas.

How Has Staubach Contributed to Charity?

Roger Staubach’s success is not just measured in monetary terms but also in his philanthropic efforts. He established the Roger Staubach Foundation, primarily funded with his own money. The foundation has made considerable contributions to organizations like the Children’s Cancer Fund and Genesis Women’s Shelter, reflecting Staubach’s commitment to giving back to the community.

What Legacy Does Roger Staubach Leave in Football and Business?

Roger Staubach’s legacy extends beyond his achievements in football to his remarkable success in the business world. His journey from an NFL star to a successful businessman is a powerful story of leveraging sports fame into a thriving business career. His charitable endeavors further cemented his legacy and showed he valued giving back as much as personal success.

Roger Staubach’s life story is an inspiring testament of one sports icon transcending football into making significant inroads into business and society at large. Through strategic thinking, dedication, and his unfaltering commitment to excellence he became not just an inspiring role model among athletes but also for budding entrepreneurs aspiring for success in either arena. Furthermore, through philanthropy his success has enabled him to show that success comes with great responsibility he exemplified this understanding through charitable endeavors of all sorts. As of 2023, with a net worth of $600 million, Staubach’s journey from an NFL legend to a business tycoon and philanthropist continues to inspire and influence many.

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