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Rossell Carol is an advanced dentistry clinic, where you can get custom treatment for any of your oral needs. Rossell Carol is famous for his endodontics specialists and effective painless treatments. The principal rules that professionals working at Rossell Carol follow are to treat all patients respectfully, with personalized attention, and to do everything that is possible before having to perform a tooth extraction. With that said, is good to know that every infected tooth can be fixed and saved if we take properly care of them and ask for medical advice in time. Are you experiencing widespread decay, infections, dental pulp death, tooth fractures or gum inflammation? Contact with Rossell Carol now and avoid losing the affected tooth.

Endodontics Treatment

Broken tooths, widespread decays and inflammation of the gums can be really painfull if not treated. The first step of an endodontic treatment consist in the use of antibiotics to ease the pain and reduce inflammation. If it is needed, the endodontist will proceed to apply local anesthesia. Then will make a hole in the crown of the tooth and will extract death dental pulp from its root without touching the tooth nerve, with a previous deinfectation and irrigation. The next step consist in refilling and sealing the empty rooth canals with thermoplastic materials. If this step is not done correctly, bacteria could infect the tooth again.

All the endodontic process is painless and will help you te ease the pain you felt before the treatment. To be complete the proccess, generally, just one appointment is enough but sometimes two or three could be needed. The specialists could recommend the use of anti inflammatory drugs when the treatment is finished. The patient could feel some discomfort when chewing during the first days after treatment, but it is completely normal and this sensation will go away on its own.

Is endodontics treatment permanent?

In most of the cases, with a correct dental hygiene and regular check ups with a specialist, endodontics result can last for a lifetime. But if the treatment is done in a low quality clinic or by an unexperienced proffesional, is possible that you will need reendodontics some years later. The material used for endodontics treatment could break or crack, usually the one that is on the crown, leaving the tooth unprotected. So, infections and tooth decay could come back and also the pain. Reendodontics process is almost the same as endodontics process but with just one difference, at first the specialist must remove all the residual material of the previous treatment and only then refill and reseal the rooth canals. Reendodontics can be one of the best solutions for you to keep your natural teeth and avoid getting a dental implant.

Do i need endodontics?

If you are experiencing tooth pain, inflammation of the gums, sensitive to cold and heath, chewing problems, tooth discoloration, tendernes in the lymph node or bone tissue, is probable that you need endodontics. But to be sure you that you really need it, you should contact Rossell Carol consultants. Its endodoncia specialist, Dra. Celeste Fernández will evaluate your case, will tell you if endodontics are needed and will recommend you the appropriate treatments for your dental health. If you schedule an appointment, you can go through x-rays to get a more accurate evaluation of the current state of your teeth. If you do not get in contact early, you could loose the affected tooth. A natural healthy tooth is always better to chew than an artificial dental implant, though an artificial one is always better than a empty space.

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