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What happened at Ryle High School

The prank was perpetrated at Ryle High School. By breaking into the school, they damaged many school properties. The whole school was damaged. To start classes on time, the staff and maintenance crew had to spend hours cleaning up the mess at the school. Some of the staff members were injured while cleaning. The Boone County Schools have released records of the damage. The authority is looking into the misbehavior of the student. Parents of the students were also notified. Many people are asking Was Ryle Senior arrested?

How did the students affect the building?

The students caused damage to the entire building. Students reportedly put baby oil and track hurdles in the hallway. Boone County Sheriff’s Office reports that 75 seniors participated in the joke. Toilet paper was seen hanging from a tree. A teacher even fell on the way to the classroom. The school authorities took the joke seriously and notified the police. The police investigation shocked some students, since the prank is played every year. The school district also refuses to reveal how the teacher and staff were injured during the cleaning process.

Ryle Senior Prank at High School

The Ryle Senior joke has caused a chaos. While cleaning up, the staff and maintenance team were also injured. The school district does not share much information about the injuries of staff. The majority of students do not know about the damage because most items were brought in. The school authorities took this prank very seriously and informed parents. Every year, there is very little vandalism and trespassing. Some seniors were reported to have been suspended from school for the rest of the day when they were caught playing the joke. Boone County investigators did not file charges until now. However, what Ryle Seniordid was condemnable.

The Reactions of the People

Some people criticize students’ actions. They want disciplinary actions taken against the students involved. The damage done by the students shocked them. The public is curious about what happened. Other non-participant student have said that this prank occurs every year. The incident is being criticized because it poses a danger to students and school staff. A district spokesperson said that it wasn’t a joke, but rather trespassing or vandalism. This can be considered criminal damage. Ryle High School incident shocked everyone. The district spokesperson thanked Ryle High School and Boone County Schools for their hard work to clean up all the mess. Only because of the hard work by the team and staff was the school able to open on time. They worked hard to clean. Some were even injured. It was unfortunate, however, that the prank had already caused extensive damage.

Actions against the Students

Some people are curious to know if any action was taken against students. Some statements claim that some students have been suspended and the authorities decided to take disciplinary actions. Students involved in the Prank High school incident remain under investigation. People are curious about what happened. As yet, this information has not been made public. Many people have condemned such student misbehavior.


The Ryle High School senior students’ prank has caused extensive damage to school property. The students are being investigated. For more information please click the link

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