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Christmas is coming and every videogame publisher will release their season’s special. This is a way that you can appeal to the holiday spirit, draw players, and stay on trend with constantly changing dynamics. Many game companies offer special editions, skins, or exclusive new games.

Santa Paws Pet Sim X is in fashion in the United States (USA), Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines and elsewhere.

What does Pet Sim X mean?

Pet Simulator X is third in a line of Pet Simulators, after PS1 and PS2. To unlock rare pets, the goal is to collect coins and pets. You can redeem your rewards for eggs, pets, or to buy new levels. As you progress, new levels of the game will become available.

Preston Smith designed Pet Simulator 1 and Pet Simulator 2. The BIG simulator was created by Preston Smith. The simulator’s purpose is to collect as many coins as possible.

You can read this article for more details on Santa Paws Pet Sim X.

More Details

BIG Games published the Game. This Game has many series and additional games. It is not an exhaustive list. There are hundreds of other games.

These are the rewards that you can earn

  • Chests
  • Eggs
  • Pets
  • Hats
  • Biomes
  • Changelog

They can also be set to background music. BIG Games is known for Pet Simulator, which is one of their most popular games. The codes for collecting the rewards can be found everywhere on the internet. There are so many rewards and pets you can get.

This Game is loved by people. Also, the reviews are quite impressive.

Santa Paws Pet Sim X

This pet is new and was introduced during the Christmas season. It is a Mythical Pet in the Game. With the help of several eggs, players can obtain this pet. This mythical pet can be collected with a very small probability.

You can take this pet to the Christmas event.

This pet’s statistics include:

  • Dark Matter Levels vary from -360b through 368b
  • The level is from -18b-18.6b
  • Rainbow level is between 120b and 129b
  • The golden level is between -55.2b and 54b

Santa Paw is the pet that has the highest amount of dark matter currently available in the Game.

After careful research, all of the information regarding Santa Paws Pet Sim X has been collected. These details are provided to enable you to better see the Game’s new pet.


The Game isn’t new in the industry. It has its loyal users. Every Pet simulator that releases a new feature becomes a topic of conversation. It’s a proof of the Game’s worth. This means that people like to play this Game.

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