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This article contains the Santa Rosa Stabbing high school updates. Learn all about the details surrounding the fatal killing.

What caused the Santa Rosa stabbing incident What number of students were injured in the Brawl A 15-year-old student killed one Montgomery High School student on Wednesday. The school’s fatal shooting brought chaos to the United States.

People are scared by the incident, and think about how a 15-year-old can become a murderer. Another friend of the teenager was also seriously injured in the Brawl. Continue reading to find out more about Santa Rosa Stabbing high school.

The Incident

Two juniors blocked the path of a 15-year-old freshman student in the Arts class on Wednesday morning. The three teenagers got into an argument and the freshman pulled out a knife to brutally stab the two 16-year-old students.

Also, the class teacher mentioned that the three children had fought before, but she managed to separate them. But this time, things got worse. Police are currently investigating the incident and trying to find the cause of the stabbing. Police are also searching for the killer, who is still missing.

Santa Rosa High School Santa Rosa

The Fatal shooting took place at Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa. According to police reports, the names of first-year 15-year-old students are not mentioned. One student was repeatedly stabbed and killed during the brawl, while another was left unconscious. Everyone was shocked by the brutal murder at High School.

The incident also scared 50-miles away wineries and they were forced to face the consequences of the lockdown. The government closed schools and colleges throughout the day in an effort to stabilize the situation. Montgomery’s Principal stated that it was the darkest day in my Northern California High Schools history.

Montgomery High School Stabbing Now

The killer is still being sought by police, but they are unable to capture him. People are living in fear and facing the consequences of brawls. Police received multiple reports of violent fights on campus during the investigation but did not take any action.

The weapon used to kill the students was also identified by police. It was a folding knife with a 5-inch blade. Police also identified Jayden Jess Pieenta as the victim after the incident. His stepfather Tom Lenwell was devastated by the loss.

Santa Rosa Stabbing Senior High School Stats

Full NameJayden Jess Pieenta
ParentsStepfather Tom Lenwell
Education2nd Year Arts
CollegeMontgomery high School

Final verdict!

An violent fight between Three Students led to a massacre at Montgomery High School. According to the report, the 15-year-old student stabbed the 16-year old students with a knife. Jayden Pienta was the student who was killed in the altercation. Police are currently investigating the crime scene and searching for the criminal.

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