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Sassy Aftermarket SSR Wheels you Cannot Possibly Ignore

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If you are a fan of retro-styled vehicles with a touch of modern performance, you might be interested in the Chevrolet SSR, a unique convertible pickup truck that was produced from 2003 to 2006. In these 3 years, the SSR, which stands for Super Sport Roadster, became a legend that still commands respect in the resale and used car markets globally.

It was inspired by Chevrolet’s late-1940s Advance Design trucks, but also came with a hardy steel body with a retractable hardtop, wide fenders, and a unique sporty stance.

If you still own an SSR or have just bought one, congratulations! Here, we will explore why SSR Wheels are so popular in the American aftermarket, how to choose them with care, and some of the best options available for this powerful and rare vehicle.

Why are aftermarket wheels so popular for the Chevy SSR?

The SSR was not a typical pickup truck. It was designed to be a fun and stylish vehicle that could also haul serious cargo. The front end actually looked like a VW Beetle!

Chevrolet’s SSR had 2 different engine options: a 5.3 L Vortec V8 with 300 hp for the 2003 and 2004 models, and a 6.0 L LS2 V8 with 390 hp for the 2005 and 2006 models. The latter engine was also used in the deluxe C6 Corvette, the Trailblazer SS, and even the incredible Pontiac GTO, and it gave the SSR a much-needed kick in performance and acceleration.

The SSR later offered a six-speed manual transmission option for the first time in 2005, making it more appealing to speed enthusiasts.

One of the ways that modern-day Chevy SSR owners like to customize their vehicles is by changing the rims. Aftermarket SSR Wheels will enhance the appearance, performance, and handling of the vehicle, as well as express the owner’s personal taste and style as a statement.

3 super benefits of aftermarket wheels for such a power-packed iconic vehicle are:

– They can improve the aerodynamics and reduce the weight of the vehicle, which will then increase fuel efficiency and average speed.

– They can provide better grip and traction on different road surfaces and conditions, which will almost certainly improve braking and cornering.

– They can add more flair and personality to the vehicle, which will make it stand out in a huge crowd of pretenders and attract more eyeballs.

It would be fair to say, however, that a well-maintained Chevy SSR does not need to lean upon custom SSR Wheels to stand apart!

Choosing aftermarket SSR Wheels with care

While aftermarket wheels can offer many advantages for the SSR, they also require some careful consideration from your end before buying and installing them. Not all wheels are compatible with the SSR, and some may cause problems or damage to the vehicle if not chosen properly.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing aftermarket rims for this fascinating vehicle are:

  1. Size: The size of the wheels affects how the vehicle looks and performs. Larger wheels can make the vehicle look more aggressive and sporty, but they can also increase the weight and reduce the ride quality. Smaller wheels can make the vehicle look more classic and elegant, but they can also decrease the performance and handling.

The original SSR Wheels (OE) had diameters of 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear, which was pretty large for a pickup truck. If you want to change the size of your wheels, make sure you do not exceed or reduce it by more than an inch or two, as this can affect the speedometer accuracy, suspension geometry, brake clearance, and tire pressure monitoring system.

Especially if you are using custom TPMS kits.

  • Offset: The offset of the wheels is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the hub’s mounting surface. It determines how far in or out the wheel sits on the vehicle. A positive offset means that the wheel is closer to the inside of the vehicle, while a negative offset means the opposite. The offset affects the steering and handling.

The original offset of SSR Wheels was (+) 46 mm (about 1.81 inch) in both front and rear. If you want to change your offset, make sure you do not go too far from this value, as this can cause rubbing and wear issues, alignment problems, or increased stress on the wheel bearings.

  • Bolt pattern: The bolt pattern of the wheels is the number and spatial arrangement of bolts that secure them to the hub. It determines how well the wheel matches the vehicle. The bolt pattern of all factory-made original SSR Wheels was 6×127 mm, which means that it had six bolts spaced evenly on a 127 mm circle.

If you do want to change your bolt pattern, you will need adapters or spacers, but these will then add more weight and complexity to your wheel setup.

Make sure you always use high-quality and compatible adapters or spacers, and check them regularly for tightness and wear & tear.

 10 top aftermarket SSR Wheels to blow you away!

Now that you know some of the basics of choosing aftermarket high-tech rims for your SSR, let’s dive in and have a closer look at 10 fantastic models.  

1. Lexani CSS-15

The Lexani CSS-15 is a stylish and elegant wheel that features a gloss black finish with machined tips on the spokes- among other designs. This dual-tone finish is the most popular when it comes to SSR Wheels.

The wheel has a concave design that gives it a sporty and aggressive look, and it comes in various sizes and bolt patterns to fit different vehicles. The Lexani CSS-15 is a great choice for the Chevrolet SSR, as it enhances its retro appeal while adding some layers of modern flair. The wheel is also durable and lightweight, thanks to its cast aluminum construction. 

You can ask for customizations to the CSS-15 if you wish.

2. Fuel Maverick

The Fuel Maverick is a rugged and bold wheel that features an exquisite black milled finish (the most popular one) with exposed lug nuts. The wheel has a multi-spoke design that gives it a strong and sturdy appearance, and it comes in various sizes and bolt patterns to fit different vehicles includinbg the SSR’s iterations. The Fuel Maverick is a great choice for the Chevrolet SSR, as it complements its muscular and powerful character while adding some contrast and texture.

You can add the Maverick to your collection of SSR Wheels since they are extremely capable off-roaders, and are also durable and reliable, thanks to its forged aluminum construction. 

3. Niche Misano

The Niche Wheels Misano in matte black is a sleek and sophisticated wheel that features several colors with no lip or rivets. The wheel sports a split-spoke design that gives it a smooth and refined look, and it comes in various sizes and bolt patterns to fit different vehicles.

The Niche Misano is a great choice for the Chevrolet SSR, as it matches its minimalist and modern style while adding some extra depth and dimension. The wheel is also super durable and lightweight, thanks to its Monoblock cast aluminum design. 

4. KMC Wheels KM651 Slide

The KMC KM651 Slide is a flashy and eye-catching wheel that features a gloss black finish with chrome inserts on the spokes. The wheel has a five-spoke design that gives it a dynamic and distinctive look, and it comes in various sizes and bolt patterns to fit different segments.

The KM651 Slide from KMC Wheels is a great choice for your valuable SSR, as it enhances its fun and playful personality while adding some sparkle and shine. The wheel is also durable and easy to clean, thanks to its one-piece cast aluminum construction.

It’s also a very affordable addition to this list of SSR Wheels.

5. Moto Metal MO962 Chrome

The Moto Metal MO962 is one seriously tough and impressive wheel that features a chrome finish with black accents on the spokes and lip. The wheel follows an eight-spoke template that gives it a solid and imposing look, and it comes in various sizes and bolt patterns as well.

The Moto Metal MO962 is a great choice for the Chevrolet SSR & plenty of its contemporaries, as it complements its robust and adventurous spirit while adding some polish and class. The wheel is also durable and resistant to corrosion, thanks to its one-piece cast aluminum construction. 

6. Asanti ABL-14 Polaris 

The Asanti ABL-14 Polaris is a chic and elegant wheel that looks best in a gloss black finish with a machined face on the spokes. The wheel has a ten-spoke design that gives it a graceful and refined look, and it comes in various sizes and bolt patterns.

The Asanti ABL-14 Polaris is a great addition to SSR Wheels since it matches its classy and luxurious vibe while adding some contrast and detail. The wheel is also durable and lightweight, thanks to its one-piece cast aluminum construction. You can also ask Asanti for a completely customized set, classy one-off rims for your car!

7. 22″ Staggered Giovanna Wheels Haleb

One of the ways to make your SSR stand out is to upgrade to larger and more stylish wheels. These 22-inch staggered Giovanna rims are a great choice to start off. They have a sleek black finish that contrasts well with the SSR’s truly bright (but never tacky) colors, and a 5-spoke design that adds a touch of elegance and aggression. The staggered setup also improves the handling and stability of the SSR, as well as giving it a more muscular stance.

8. 20″ Staggered Marquee Wheels 3259

Prefer going in for the kill with out-of-this-world SSR Wheels? Consider the Marquee 3259 in 20-inches- a more eye-catching and flashier look awaits your SSR.

You might want to consider these staggered wheels with a black finish and briliant red accents on the inner barrel, creating a striking contrast that will turn heads and win hearts wherever you go. The wheels also have an extreme concave design that gives them a deeper and aggressive look.

These wheels should definitely make it to your top 3 SSR Wheels for the sheer extra dynamism and sportiness.

9. 20″ Staggered AC Forged AC313

Another option for upgrading your SSR’s wheels is to go for this stunning 3-piece design. These 20-inch staggered AC Forged wheels are made of high-quality 6061-T6/T9 aluminum and forged using advanced proprietary techniques, resulting in a strong and lightweight wheel that can handle any road condition. The wheels have a matte black face with a gloss black lip, creating a subtly sophisticated look.

The wheels also have a six-spoke design that adds some flair and throws in a JDM hint for your SSR.

10. 22″ Staggered Lexani Wheels Savage 

For a more luxurious and refined look, you might wanna check out these 22-inch staggered Lexani wheels. They come in numerous finishes but go for the satin bronze finish with a gloss black lip without a thought.

This combo creates a warmer and more elegant color combination that will complement your SSR’s outlook. The wheels also have a split-spoke design that gives them a modern and sleek, industrial look.

The Lexani Savage is our go-to choice for upscale SSR Wheels.

Summing up

In conclusion, aftermarket Chevrolet SSR Wheels can enhance the performance, appearance and value of your vehicle. Whether you are looking for a sporty, classic or customized look, there is at least a handful of rim options that will suit your style and budget.

Some pros of aftermarket wheels include:

  • Improved handling and braking: Aftermarket wheels are usually lighter and stronger than the stock ones, which reduces the unsprung weight and improves the responsiveness of your suspension and brakes. You can also choose wider wheels to increase the contact patch and grip of your tires.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Often the main reason why people buy SSR Wheels, the right set of aftermarket wheels can transform the look of this Chevrolet special, giving it a more distinctive and personalized appearance. You can choose from a variety of designs, colors and finishes to match your preferences and complement the paint job.
  • Increased resale value: Aftermarket wheels can add a lot more extra value to your Chevrolet SSR, especially if they are well-maintained and of high quality. They can also attract more potential buyers who are looking for a customized and upgraded vehicle.

However, aftermarket wheels also have some drawbacks, a few being:

  • Compatibility issues: Aftermarket wheels may not fit your specific generation’s SSR properly, which can cause problems with the alignment, clearance and balance of your vehicle. You may need to modify your suspension, brakes or fenders.

It takes time and often runs up a hefty charge.

  • Warranty issues: Aftermarket SSR Wheels may void Chevrolet warranty, especially if they cause damage to your vehicle or affect its safety features. You should check with your dealer before installing aftermarket wheels to avoid any such issues.
  • Maintenance costs: Aftermarket wheels may often require more maintenance than the stock, replica, or OE ones, such as regular cleaning, polishing and repairing. They may also be more prone to damage from road hazards, such as potholes, curbs and debris.

To avoid such hazards, only go off-road with proper rims. The list above has several choices for you.

Therefore, while aftermarket SSR Wheels for this rare Chevrolet superstar are a great way to customize and improve your vehicle, do weigh the trade-offs carefully. You should do your research and consult with a professional before buying and installing aftermarket wheels to ensure that they are compatible, safe and durable for your Chevrolet SSR.

If you are looking for a reputable retail outlet where you can move around and choose a set of SSR Wheels, have a chat with fellow customers, get quality advice from old hands, and also avail of plenty of financing options, visit AudioCity USA today!

This landmark in Santa Fe Springs, CA, is more than 35 years old!

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