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Satisfy Your Cravings For Authentic Chai and Canadian-Indian Cuisine

Our taste buds should dance whenever they taste delicious foods or drinks.

And as Canadians, we know that our taste buds crave bold flavours.

This is what led these two siblings to decide to make one of their father’s dreams come true—opening a chai cafe. Therefore, they let their creativity run wild, and they were able to add a fusion twist to classic food items making them more delicious, especially for adventurous foodies.

So when you are craving a little spice in your life, here is why you should try out their innovative fusion menu from their lovely Chai bars in Scarborough and Pickering.

Enjoy Authentic Hand-Crafted Karak Chais and Chaats 

Chachi’s Chai Bar brings a little bit of paradise in a cup with their hand-crafted Karak or Pink Chais and Chaats, made with only fresh aromatic spices.

Not only will you enjoy the delicious Karak or Pink Chais, but you will also love the health benefits of indulging in these teas.

For instance, Karak chai has antioxidant properties that help reduce inflammation in your body.

On the other hand, Pink chai reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.

And even better, you can pair these drinks with some of their specialty poutines which are the perfect Canadian comfort food, topped with all kinds of deliciousness.

A Fusion Take on Classic Items 

At Chachi’s Chai Bar, they never rest on their laurels.

They push boundaries, experimenting with new flavours and ingredients and this helped them develop a delicious, unique menu, as shown in the table below.

Some foods on their menuBrief description
ChaiKarak chai, ginger chai, pink chai, masala chai, and choco chai.
Classic ItemsFreshly grilled sandwiches, Desi street foods, traditional Indian, Pakistani, and fusion foods.
CoffeePremium locally roasted organic coffee and espresso.
DessertsTraditional Rose Faloodas, shakes, gourmet butter pies, cakes, pastries, cashews and figs (Khaju Anjeer).

Rich Culture and Warm Ambience

Chachi’s Chai Bar keeps the rich Indian heritage and culture alive with their authentic, flavourful and aromatic chai.

They’ve created an inviting and warm space where people can enjoy a piece of India as they relax.

They also believe that good food and drink shouldn’t be a box to check off, but an integral part of the dining experience. 

So, they use high-quality certified ingredients while cooking each dish so as to remain authentic and true to the Indian cultural roots.

Quality and Service Come First

But great food is not the only thing they offer.

They also ensure their service is top-notch, just like the ingredients they use to prepare all their meals, to make you feel like part of the family.

So, whether you are craving their famous delicious poutines, mouthwatering chaat, hand-crafted Karak or Pink chai, you can be sure that they do everything from food to service, with utmost care and attention to detail. 

But that’s not all. 

This family business takes cleanliness and hygiene seriously. The last thing these two want is to have you eating their delicious food while you do not feel safe and comfortable.What are you waiting for? Visit Chachi’s Chai Bar while at Pickering or Scarborough. Who knows, they may just become your favourite local chai cafe.

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