Say Goodbye to Braces: Discover the Benefits of Invisalign

Are you seeking a straighter smile but hesitant about the idea of traditional metal braces? Fortunately, there’s a revolutionary orthodontic treatment called Invisalign that offers a remarkable alternative.

Invisalign provides a discreet and comfortable way to achieve the smile you’ve always desired. With its removable clear aligners, Invisalign offers numerous benefits over traditional braces, making it an increasingly popular choice for orthodontic treatment.

From improved aesthetics and enhanced oral hygiene to increased confidence and long-term oral health advantages, Invisalign is transforming the world of orthodontics.

What is Invisalign and How Does it Work?

With the use of Invisalign, teeth can be straightened and bite problems can be fixed without the need for conventional metal braces. It is a set of transparent, replaceable aligners that are manufactured specifically to suit your teeth.

A consultation with a dentist or orthodontist who specializes in Invisalign treatment marks the beginning of the process. They will examine your teeth and design a treatment strategy that is suited to your individual requirements. The dentist will create a sequence of aligners that progressively shift your teeth into the appropriate position using 3D imaging technology.

Each pair of aligners is worn for around two weeks, gently pressing your teeth into a new position. Your teeth will progressively shift toward their ultimate alignment as you wear each set of aligners as prescribed over time. Depending on the level of complexity of the condition, the overall length of the therapy might vary, but it normally lasts from a few months to a few years.

The Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Since using Invisalign instead of conventional braces has various advantages, it has gained popularity as an orthodontic treatment option. The following are some benefits of Invisalign:

1. Improved Aesthetics: One of the main advantages of Invisalign is its discreet appearance. The aligners are transparent and virtually invisible when worn, making them much less noticeable compared to traditional metal braces. This is particularly appealing to individuals who want to straighten their teeth without drawing attention to their orthodontic treatment.

2. Removability: Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing you to take them out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This means you can enjoy your favourite foods without any restrictions and maintain your regular oral hygiene routine with ease. It also makes it more convenient for special occasions or events when you may prefer not to wear the aligners temporarily.

3. Comfort: Invisalign aligners are made of a smooth plastic material, which is generally more comfortable compared to the metal brackets and wires used in traditional braces. The absence of wires and brackets reduces the likelihood of mouth irritations and sores, providing a more comfortable orthodontic experience.

4. Easier Maintenance: With traditional braces, there are various food restrictions and special tools like floss threaders are required for effective oral hygiene. In contrast, Invisalign aligners can be easily removed for brushing and flossing, allowing you to maintain good oral health throughout the treatment process.

5. Predictable Results: Invisalign treatment utilizes advanced 3D imaging technology to create a customized treatment plan. Before starting the treatment, you can visualize the projected outcome and see how your teeth will look after the treatment is completed. This predictability gives you a clear understanding of the expected results and helps you make an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment.

6. Fewer Orthodontist Visits: While regular check-ups are necessary during Invisalign treatment, they typically occur less frequently compared to visits required for traditional braces adjustments. This can be more convenient for individuals with busy schedules, as they spend less time in the orthodontist’s office.

How Invisalign Can Help Improve Your Oral Health & Wellbeing

Invisalign can significantly improve your oral health and overall well-being. The removable aligners make oral hygiene easier by allowing you to brush and floss effectively. With Invisalign, there is no risk of tooth damage caused by brackets and wires, and it can also improve periodontal health by aligning teeth and facilitating proper gum cleaning.

By correcting bite issues, it enhances oral function, reduces jaw discomfort, and minimizes the risk of temporomandibular joint disorders. Invisalign’s aesthetic appeal can boost confidence, and the long-term benefits include easier maintenance of straight teeth, prevention of future dental problems, and potential prevention of excessive wear and jaw misalignment.


Invisalign offers a convenient and effective way to enhance oral health and overall well-being. The convenience stems from the removable nature of the aligners. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be easily taken out for eating, allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods without restrictions. 

By addressing misalignments and bite issues, Invisalign treatment by a dentist near you can have a positive impact on oral health. Straightening teeth improves the alignment of the bite, allowing for proper distribution of biting forces and reducing the risk of excessive wear on teeth. It can also alleviate strain on the jaw joints and muscles, potentially reducing jaw discomfort and the occurrence of temporomandibular joint disorders.

In summary, Invisalign provides a convenient and effective solution for enhancing oral health and overall well-being. Its convenience, impact on oral hygiene, ability to address misalignments and bite issues, aesthetic appeal, and long-term benefits all contribute to a positive impact on your oral health and overall sense of well-being.

At Saby Dental, our Red Deer dentist can assess if you are a candidate for Invisalign.


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