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This article, despite the fact that the name Suzhichou is familiar with a beautiful Chinese city, discusses the Suzhichou Scarf Scam in the United States Canada and the United Kingdom. Suzhichou Scarf scam is a multi-national scam that has been carefully planned and executed. When the Suzhichou Scarf Scam has been analyzed, there are several shocking facts. You may not know, but several reputable e-stores have identified the Suzhichou Scarf Scam as a brushing fraud. Check out Scarf Suzhichou Scam.

Suzhichou Scam:

Recent reports indicate that several Amazon customers received a package from Suzhichou at their front door. The package was delivered via USPS in the USA and Canada. In the UK, Amazon customers reported receiving packages from Suzhichou.

The package included a women’s scarf printed with horses. The package was not ordered by all the customers. Several customers have reported receiving packages after purchasing items from Facebook Marketplace and other marketplaces.

Amazon identified the problem and immediately reported that Suzhichou Scarf Reviews scams had spread to all marketplaces. Suzhichou Scarf cannot be purchased on Amazon.

What is the Suzhichou Scarf Scam?

This is a scam on a corporate level. Sales team gives away cheap gifts to customers. The tracking number will be generated once the package has been mailed. The assigned company representative or the sales team will rate and review the product.

The product ratings and reviews will appear genuine, giving the impression of real customer feedback. It is a fake system. Suzhichou Scarf Scam will help the company boost sales by displaying the most popular reviews and ratings at the top of search results.

Facts on the Suzhichou Scarf scam:

Suzhichou sounds similar to Suzhou. Suzhou’s 100% silk scarf is popular in online stores. The scarf has a trendy and glittery look. It also feels silky and features beautiful embroidery. The price per square inch for a reputed Suzhou Scarf is between $0.07 and $0.09+. Amazon had such scarves.

Suzhichou scarves, however, are made of polyester. Instead of embroidery, Suzhichou Scarf Scam printed pictures of horses onto the scarf. The Suzhichou Scarf is beautiful and silky, but costs $0.01 per inch.

At wholesale, polyester is only $1/pound. Silk is $8-$10/pound. Suzhichou Scarf was sent out as a promotional giveaway in order to increase the ratings and reviews of Suzhichou Scarf.


eBay had Suzhichou Scarves with horse pictures printed on them. They were priced between $8 and $22.00. There were more than six sellers. Scarf Suzhichou Scam is true. Two sellers received 99.7% positive feedback from 15,051 reviews and gained 4.9/5 star ratings based on Accurate description/Reasonable shipping cost/Shipping speed/Communication. Four sellers received 100% positive feedback from 3,589 customers and 4.9/5 star ratings.

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