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Screwfix Tower Fan Reviews Specifications about the Screwfix Tower Fan!

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Are you looking for portable fans that can be easily operated? Tower fans are a great alternative to air-coolers and regular ceiling fans. These fans can come in handy when you’re experiencing scorching heat this summer.

Different variants of this product have been introduced to the market because Tower fans are catching the eye from all over the United Kingdom. For more information, see our Screwfix Tower Fans review .

What is Screwfix Tower Fan?

The Xpelair Tower Fan was recently introduced by Xpelair. It’s a powerful 3-speed 38” cooling tower fan with both upper fan and lower sections. The bottom section’s rotational speed is 90o. The top section can rotate at 360o and can be turned 90o (can also be manually adjusted) to sweep the bottom. You can adjust the speed and angle to suit your needs.

You can fix output of air by oscillation. For powerful targeted cooling, you can fix it in a position. The product also features Eco and Sleep mode settings. For more information on this product, read our Screwfix Tower Fan Review.

Specifications about the Screwfix Tower Fan :

  • Brand: Xpelair
  • The product weighs 4.8 kg.
  • This product comes with an 1 year guarantee
  • With 3-speed Oscillates
  • The product is available in white.
  • It is equipped with a voltage supply from 230-240V and a sound level of 55dB
  • It measures 968mm in height, 280mm in depth and 280mm across.
  • Cable length of 1.8m
  • Screwfix charges PS124.99 for the purchase.
  • Cooling only. Suitable for both office and home. This is why it is included in our Screwfix Top Fan Reviews.
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Screwfix Tower Fan –

  • A one-year guarantee is provided for the product
  • It has a powerful 38″ cooling fan and 3-speed transmission.
  • The 55dB sound pressure level is adequate to prevent noise from reaching a reasonable level
  • It is easy to carry with its 4.8kg weight
  • The lower section rotates at 90o
  • You can also manually set the upper section at 360o. The bottom section will rotate through a 90o sweep.
  • Screwfix tower Fan Reviews says that the Run back function allows it to turn off after a predetermined period of usage.
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Screwfix Tower Fan:

  • This fan draws a significant amount of electricity which results in high electricity bills
  • Produces enormous noise
  • Spare parts can be costly
  • Customer service isn’t up to standard

Are Screwfix Tower Fan’s legit?

Only after we have verified the legitimacy of the product can we make a conclusion.

  • Although the manufacturer claims that the fan produces 55dB sound pressure, many customers have complained that the fan makes very loud noises, which can be very bothersome.
  • The Screwfix Tower Fan Review can be viewed on the official Facebook page. It has only received 2 to 4 likes per post and very few fans.
  • We searched the internet for reviews of this product and found mostly negative ones. Customers also complain about the quality of customer service.
  • Not available on any third party websites that use this brand name.
  • Brand Popularity-Brands are not yet very popular.

This product isn’t trustworthy based on the reviews and comments made via social media.

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Customer Reviews

It is important to get customer feedback these days in order to assess the authenticity of any product. Screwfix Tower Fan found this product on an ecommerce site. Unfortunately, there are very few reviews.

Many customers have complained that the purchase of this product was a poor decision. The installation process is tedious. It also makes a lot of noise.

We suggest that customers verify the product’s authenticity before they buy.

Final Verdict

Screwfix Tower Fan reviews show that this brand has put in a lot of effort when launching a new model. However, due to several negative reviews from customers, we recommend buyers do further research before making a purchase online.

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