Seafront Deluxe Bungalows at Komodo Resort

Nestled along the pristine shores of Indonesia’s Komodo Island, the Seafront Deluxe Bungalows at Komodo Resort beckon travelers to experience a retreat immersed in the wonders of nature. Offering breathtaking views, opulent accommodations, and proximity to the renowned Komodo National Park, this hidden gem invites those in pursuit of both adventure and relaxation.

Room Amenities

The Seafront Deluxe Bungalows on Komodo Island promise a luxurious escape with an array of meticulously curated room amenities, meticulously designed to enhance your stay.

Air Conditioning

Upon entering your Seafront Deluxe Bungalow, the embrace of refreshing air conditioning welcomes you. Even amidst the tropical heat, you can relish a cool and comfortable atmosphere within your private sanctuary.

King Koil Mattresses

A restful night’s sleep is essential for an enjoyable vacation. The Seafront Deluxe Bungalows feature plush King Koil mattresses that cocoon you in comfort, ensuring you arise refreshed and ready to explore the marvels of Komodo Island.

Ensuite Bathroom with Hot & Cold Showers

Revitalize in your private ensuite bathroom equipped with invigorating hot and refreshing cold showers. After a day of adventure, luxuriate in a warm shower to wash away the day’s activities or invigorate yourself with a revitalizing cold shower.

Mini Fridge (with Complimentary Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Snacks)

Cravings can strike at any moment, and your bungalow’s mini-fridge is thoughtfully stocked with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. Satisfy your appetite or quench your thirst at your convenience.

Complimentary Drinking Water

In the tropical climate, staying well-hydrated is essential. We provide complimentary drinking water to keep you refreshed throughout your stay, allowing you to explore Komodo Island to its fullest.

Safety Deposit Box

Your peace of mind is paramount. Each Seafront Deluxe Bungalow includes a safety deposit box, where you can securely store your valuables and travel documents.

Mosquito Nets

Embracing the island’s rustic charm, each bungalow is equipped with mosquito nets to ensure a peaceful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Ceiling Fan

In addition to air conditioning, our bungalows feature ceiling fans, offering an eco-friendly and gentle breeze that complements the natural ambiance of the island.

Free Wi-Fi

While Komodo Island is a place to disconnect from the daily grind, we understand the importance of staying connected. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access in your bungalow, allowing you to share your stunning experiences with loved ones or attend to work matters if needed.

Writing Desk

For those seeking inspiration or needing to stay productive, a writing desk is thoughtfully provided in each bungalow. Take in the awe-inspiring views and let your creativity flow in this serene environment.

Reading Lamp

Lose yourself in a captivating book during the tranquil evenings on Komodo Island. The reading lamps by your bedside offer the perfect illumination for a peaceful night of reading.

Terrace with Seating Area

Step onto your private terrace and be greeted by captivating ocean views. This outdoor space offers an ideal spot to savor your morning coffee or unwind with a glass of wine as the sun elegantly descends beyond the distant horizon.

Private Sun Loungers & Umbrella

Just a few steps from your bungalow, you’ll find your private sun loungers and umbrella on the beach. Bask in the warm tropical sun or relax in the shade with the soothing sound of the waves as your backdrop.

Beach Towels

We’ve got your beach essentials covered. Complimentary beach towels are provided, allowing you to make the most of the exquisite beaches that surround your bungalow.

Hair Dryer

Maintain your picture-perfect look with the included hair dryer, ensuring you look your best for every adventure and photo opportunity on Komodo Island.

Bathroom Slippers

Comfort is found in the details. Slip into our cozy bathroom slippers for that extra touch of relaxation during your stay.

Shampoo, Body Wash & Hand Soap

Travel light and leave your toiletries at home. We supply top-notch shampoo, body wash, and hand soap to keep you feeling refreshed and pampered.

A Slice of Paradise

Komodo Island is celebrated for its mesmerizing landscapes, diverse marine life, and the legendary Komodo dragons that roam its rugged terrain. Nestled on the island’s northwest coast, Komodo Resort provides an idyllic gateway to this natural wonderland. Its Seafront Deluxe Bungalows epitomize luxury and serenity, offering guests an exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in the island’s splendor.

The Dining Experience

Komodo Resort boasts a commendable culinary selection, featuring a diverse array of both international and Indonesian delicacies designed to cater to a wide range of tastes. Visitors have the wonderful chance to experience the resort’s exceptional oceanfront dining establishment. Here, they can delight in the day’s freshest seafood, savor regional delicacies, and enjoy a diverse selection of global culinary treats. Additionally, the Seafront Deluxe Bungalows offer the added convenience of in-room dining, granting guests the exclusive opportunity to relish gourmet meals while luxuriating in the privacy and tranquility of their personal terraces.

Activities and Adventures

While the Seafront Deluxe Bungalows serve as an oasis of relaxation, Komodo Island beckons with a wealth of adventure and exploration. Here are some of the activities that await you:

Snorkeling and Diving

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Komodo Island are a haven for marine life, making it a diver’s paradise. The resort offers snorkeling and diving excursions for you to witness vibrant coral reefs and exotic underwater creatures.

Komodo Dragon Tours

A visit to Komodo Island remains incomplete without an encounter with the iconic Komodo dragons. Guided tours take you to the heart of their habitat, providing the opportunity to observe these prehistoric creatures in their natural environment.

Hiking and Trekking

The island’s rugged terrain beckons hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Explore lush forests, scenic viewpoints, and hidden waterfalls while gaining close proximity to the island’s rich flora and fauna.

Boat Trips

Discover the beauty of neighboring islands, including Rinca and Padar, on boat trips meticulously organized by the resort. These excursions offer opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and exploration of secluded beaches.

Spa and Wellness

Following an adventurous day, pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment at the resort’s wellness center. Indulge in traditional Indonesian massages and therapies that leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Sustainability and Conservation

Komodo Resort remains committed to sustainable tourism and the preservation of the delicate ecosystems in and around Komodo Island. Actively participating in conservation efforts, the resort endeavors to minimize its ecological footprint. By selecting the Seafront Deluxe Bungalows as your retreat, you actively support these initiatives, contributing to the safeguarding of this pristine paradise for the enjoyment of future generations.


The Seafront Deluxe Bungalows at Komodo Resort offer an extraordinary opportunity to experience the magic of Komodo Island in unmatched luxury and comfort. Whether your desire is for adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, this secluded paradise encompasses it all. From the instant you enter your private bungalow, greeted by breathtaking views, to the exhilarating adventures awaiting you on the island, every moment at Komodo Resort is destined to become a cherished memory. It is a place where the natural world and luxury coexist harmoniously, leaving you with an indelible and transformative experience. So, prepare to be captivated by the Seafront Deluxe Bungalows at Komodo Resort, where paradise converges with perfection.

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