Security services in the modern tech environment

Technology is continuously developing. This also means that the technology used by security services is always changing. As new techniques are developed both sides of the security arms race are constantly changing their approaches. This applies for Security Guard Services for Pasadena as it applies for security services in every other corner of the world. High value targets must be guarded using the newest of technologies as high value targets attract a high investment by people trying to acquire high value objects. Various technologies have been chosen for applications in security work.


The recent months and years have shown how versatile drones can be in all kinds of situations. Security guards can use drones to observe huge areas without too much use of resources. Programmable flightpaths make the work of the security guard easy, and drones can act as flying cameras. In case sensitive areas are protected by drones it is necessary to know that the hardware and software used is free from malware and backdoors for Hacker attacks. Any type of electronics built in China may come with backdoors that enable the CCP to collect data from the users. US government institutions are therefore restricting the use of imported drones to prevent the gathering of information about sensitive infrastructure by a rival power. Hobbyists as well as professional users could be unwillingly conscripts by Chinese spies while simply using their drones. Included in the risk is also private business as the backdoors might be used for industrial espionage and not only for traditional spying.

Nevertheless, drones are an important new factor in the security services industry, and it is absolutely necessary to be able to confidently use drones in surveillance operations.

Electronic warfare

Not only security guards use drones. These little flying objects might also be used by criminals to gather information about a target or even for moving stolen objects around. Drone delivered ammunition or weapons can be used to breach walls or supply weapons in gun free zones. Any use of drones can be hindered by using so called electronic warfare or EW. EW drowns out radio signals in an area by emitting white noise blocking radio communication and radio control of unmanned aircraft. The EW can be limited to certain bandwidths and so it is possible to operate drones while stopping other actors from using their drones as long as the frequency band used by the target is known.

Artificial intelligence

AI is the most hyped technology right now and obviously there is also a search for applications of AI in the security industry. One very widely used application is image recognition. As many applications it doesn’t really involve AI but rather machine learning. It replaces the work of an intelligent person by recognizing shapes in the video signal coming from fixed or drone mounted cameras. This helps identify suspicious behavior and helps fight fatigue induced errors by a security guard tasked with observing the camera feeds.


Before AI become popular the high-speed mobile Internet 5G and its implementation was the most important tech news of the day. Using 5G high resolution imagery can be transmitted wirelessly and the video signal can be viewed from everywhere on the globe. While reaction time might be one day or more at least the information one has about his property is always current.


A huge part of modern surveillance techniques depends on the use of network technology and electronics. These instruments for security must be guarded themselves against attacks in order to work effectively. Accordingly, IT-security is a sensitive topic for any security service provider. If cameras and drones are hacked, if digital locks and passwords are broken, the security of an object is compromised. Blockchain technology can be applied to carefully observe any changes in the software and catch or hinder unauthorized manipulation.


Many new technologies show potential for making security guards such as VP more effective. Unfortunately, not in very case it is entirely advisable to use a new technique. Sometimes it is better to invest in well trained and motivated guards as in the end every system can only be as effective as its user.


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