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Septic Tank Cleaning in Australia: What Does it Cost?

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The average cost of septic tank cleaning is between A$300 to A$700. Most people spend around A$400, depending on the method and size of the sewage tank. For a 750-gallon tank, the cost can be as low as A$300, whereas it can be A$1000 for a 1250-gallon septic tank.

Table 1

National Average Cost                     A$400

Minimum Cost                              A$300

Maximum Cost                                       A$1000

Average Range                                         A$300 to $700

According to the Government report, millions of homes in Australia have a septic tank installed. There should be plenty of sewage cleaning services available in and around your location.

Septic Tank System Cost

A traditional high-quality septic tank for a three-bedroom house is around $3500. For a conventional system, any sewage cleaning services provider does not charge more than A$5000. The cost will be more than this for an engineered system and goes up to A$15000.

Septic Tank Repair Costs

Filter replacement is the most common expense of septic tank related issues. You could expect to pay A$250 to replace the filter for your tank. There can be other repair costs like risers, pipes, fittings and lids- you have to pay around A$100 for all of these.

However, if you face sewage-related issues, then the cost will be near A$500.

Soil Fracturing

In some rare cases, professionals are unable to pump the system; they suggest you drain field line cleaning. It requires a 300pound air blast through a hollow tube. It can be expensive and range from around A$1000-A$1500.

Septic Tank Cleaning Cost by Method

The cleaning method is one of the determining factors of the overall cost of this service. Professional charge between A$25 to A$900. Septic tank cleaning and pumping out the sewer are not similar, but many people use these as synonymous. There are many other ways to maintain and clean the tank.

Here we are going to tell you some of the common methods. Before that, let’s look at the price chart of each of these methods:

Table 2

Method                                           Cost (Materials and Labor)

Bacteria Additive                  A$25 – A$300

Chemical Treatment             A$25 – A$350

Filter Cleaning                           A$90 – A$150

Hydro Jetting                              A$200 – A$300

Pumping                                          A$250 – A$800

Bacteria Additive

It is also known as a Biological Additive. It boosts the bacteria in the tank by injecting enzymes that break down the solid waste. Normally, a healthy tank contains these bacteria to decompose the waste.

If toxic substances exist in the tank, it works as a hindrance to decomposition. In this case, professionals apply this method to stimulate the process. However, it sounds simple, but do you know that such a method reduces the tank’s efficiency in a healthy tank? It makes the bacteria compete with each other and decrease the power of decomposition. So it should be applied wisely.

Chemical Treatment

Some chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide are used to clear clogged drains, pipes and control odors. However, the wrong use of such chemicals sometimes creates harsh chemicals and damages the plumbing system.

The actual septic tank cleaningprice differs; it can be anything between A$25 to A$350. Professionals will assess the situation and add the chemicals required for septic tanks.

Filter Cleaning

A tank filter is a device that helps to leave the effluents from the tank and transports them to the leach field. It traps the large solids and particles from entering the drain lines.

Your septic tank will function for many years without cleaning, but cleaning or replacing the septic filter is required every 5-7 years. When you ask for a quote, please ensure they clean the filter also. The price will depend on the service provider; on average, it will cost you anything between A$90 to A$150.

Hydro Jetting

It is a process of cleaning drain pipes with a high-pressure hose. It is commonly used for complicated problems. If you face issues with tanks, it can be a good idea to apply this method. It would be best to leave the task to professionals; it will cost around A$250.

Septic Tank Pumping Cost

It means removing solids and liquids from the bottom of the tank. Professionals recommend cleaning the sewage tank once every five years. The actual price depends on the size of the tank.

The fact is that septic tank cleaning comes with a price. If you want to get your tank cleaned, you’ll need to hire a professional cleaning service to complete the job. The good news is there are plenty of affordable services out there, as long as you know where to look. Be sure to do research on the subject and make an informed decision. It will help you avoid getting scammed or overpaying for the job.

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