Sergio Andrade For Gloria Trevi Went From Being Her Producer, To A Person “X” In Her Life

In the early years of her musical career, Gloria Trevi released several of her most iconic albums where we can find those songs that marked a whole generation, such as “Dr. Psychiatrist”, “Ground hair”, “The count of damages”, “Pregnant girl”, “Old shoes” and several more. Her first record productions were produced and performed by Sergio Andrade, who was known as “The Midas king of the song.”

As many will remember Gloria Trevi, Sergio Andrade, Mary Boquitas, and Marlene Calderón, were arrested by Interpol in January 2000 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, accused of kidnapping, corruption, abuse, and rape of minors. At that time the television station TV Azteca named him the “Clan Trevi-Andrade”.

In what could be considered the “golden years” of Gloria de Los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz, the full name of the singer originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, had a love affair with her manager and music producer, Sergio Andrade. Although nowadays she is an “x” person for “La Trevi”, in those years she used to sing to her: “everyone wants me to get away from her, which is the worst and she does not like me well, they say it

In the acknowledgments of her first albums, the actress also expressed her respect and gratitude towards the father of her late daughter Ana Dalai. In the album “More troubled than ever” which was released in 1994, Gloria Trevi wrote in thanks: “to the friends, musicians, engineers, and technicians who stayed awake with me during the recordings. To Sergio Andrade, for her infinite patience and talent. out of series “.

In addition to the aforementioned album, Sergio Andrade also produced Gloria Trevi’s “What am I doing here?” (her debut album in 1989), “Your Guardian Angel”, “I feel so lonely”, “If you take me with you” and “I’m not a gold coin” (the last one produced in 1999, after the scandal would begin of Clan Trevi-Andrade).

Gloria Trevi Referred To Sergio Andrade As Her Abuser

It was in 2018 during the Latin American Music Awards ceremony, which took place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California), where Gloria Trevi opened her heart as she had rarely done before the public, to talk about his past. “Those who know me know what I have had to face and work to be here with you. Those who do not know me and therefore do not love me, surely they heard thousands of stories from me, including that I was in jail.” (What happened to Karina Yapor, a former member of the Clan Trevi-Andrade?).

Gloria Trevi stated that she was used as a smokescreen in the case of the dead in Juárez. She also pointed out that TV Azteca was the epicenter of the echo of all the media, where it was said that “La Trevi” allegedly had a clan of corruption of minors. About Sergio Andrade, she referred to as a person “x” in her life.

“And since those people (from the television station) knew about marketing and rating, to sell, they put the Trevi in ​​front of him. Trevi-x and I said ‘x’ because that was in my life, he (Sergio Andrade) was not my creator nor my discoverer because with him and without him I have shown that I am Gloria Trevi “.

The Mexican singer spoke about all this, at a time when the entertainment industry was being “shaken” by the #MeToo Movement, where many Hollywood celebrities accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and abuse. Gloria Trevi assured at the Latin American Music Awards ceremony, having experienced manipulations, beatings, yelling, abuse, and punishment by Sergio Andrade.

“My abuser today is free and he not only hurt me, but many other young women, and most likely will continue to do so. And I am moved because I know that some of them are seeing me right now and I dedicate everything to them. this moment too. ”

After a total of four years, eight months and eight days in prison between Brazil and Mexico, on September 21, 2004, Gloria Trevi was acquitted and exonerated by the Seventh Criminal Judge of Chihuahua, for the crimes of kidnapping and corruption of minors, to the detriment of Karina Alejandra Yapor.

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