Serhiy Tokarev: Participation, Mentorship, and Engagement in the First STEM Ecosystem in Ukraine

Science and technology have become more available for young girls due to the education project STEM is FEM. Since its launch more than 500 girls have been engaged in the project and reached success in the industry. This year, the initiative has announced the launch of a new project, the first STEM ecosystem in Ukraine. Serhiy Tokarev, the project initiator, co-founder and partner of Roosh, shared more about the ecosystem.

Serhiy Tokarev considers this new project would not have a place without its first attempts to implement the art project SHE is SCIENCE. It involved an exhibition of 12 portraits of famous Ukrainian female scientists, introduced in Ukraine and abroad, including UNESCO headquarters in Paris. In 2023, STEM is FEM was honored with the title of “Honorary Ambassador of Ukraine in the field of scientific and educational diplomacy” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

In 2019, when STEM is FEM was launched, the project was focused on encouraging Ukrainian girls to explore science and technology and revealing opportunities to take their first career steps in STEM.

“The STEM is FEM team realized that we have enough experience and expertise to achieve more ambitious goals and make systemic changes. That is why we are launching the first STEM ecosystem in Ukraine. Our goal is to become a guide for Ukrainian girls interested in STEM and dreaming of a corresponding career. In addition to educational events—webinars, lectures, and courses—we are launching a mentoring program to provide mentorship to those taking their first steps”, commented Tokarev.

This year, STEM is FEM has disclosed a great opportunity for Ukrainian women not only to get some knowledge and education but also to improve their skills and participate in its activities. Serhiy Tokarev notes that the STEM ecosystem includes three communities which are the following:

  • STEM is FEM Community for girls aged 14-22. Its participants will receive mentorship support from the best experts in the STEM field and get consultations on employment and careers.
  • Alumni STEM is FEM Club. It is for young women over 22 years old who have previously participated in project activities. Here, they can develop their expertise and become mentors for younger participants.
  • STEM is FEM Teachers Platform. It is dedicated to those who teach STEM disciplines and aspire to improve their qualifications, deepen their knowledge of digitalization and soft skills, and receive mentorship support.

Serhiy Tokarev mentions that the project team plans to unite 1,000 young Ukrainian women this year, and by 2030, they aim to reach 10,000 within the ecosystem.

The ecosystem’s activities will include the participation of Ukrainian and foreign experts and mentors ready to share their knowledge and expertise with participants from all three communities. Additionally, the project will collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, and the Ukrainian government.

The team is focused on regularly organizing meetings and providing girls with options for educational programs, internships, scholarships, and job opportunities.

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