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Servant Season 3 Is A Reality: Apple Tv Plus Renews Shyamalan’s Series

Apple TV Plus is taking advantage of the greatest weakness of its main opponents the lack of long-standing projects due to the numerous cancellations that are being undertaken on Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime Video. It is clear that when you are an established streaming platform, you should look for your most profitable products, and get rid of the rest as soon as possible, although it is still surprising that products like Glow or Dark Crystal: The era of resistance do not go to continue with new episodes.

This is where Apple TV Plus stands out since it has just announced season 3 of Servant before the premiere of the second (which will arrive on the platform on January 15). It is a tactic similar to that followed by For All Humanity, which is also assured of continuity for the third batch of episodes, and is that if you promise your viewers series that they will continue and will not close abruptly fidelity increases, and therefore, therefore, most of them continue to be subscribed.

On the second season, those responsible for Servant point out that the plot will take a turn towards the supernatural in the new chapters with a darker future for all when Lianne returns to Dorothy and Sean’s house, and her true nature comes to light: ” With Leanne, this is a constant revelation. We don’t know who she is at all, or where she came from, and her interpretation of who she is and where she comes from may not be correct .”

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