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‘Servant’ Will Have Season 3: Apple Tv + Renews M. Night Shyamalan’s Series A Month Before His Return

January is going to be an unusually interesting month for Apple TV + , although these weeks we have had minor releases, the start of 2021 has both comebacks of ‘ Dickinson ‘ and ‘ Servant ‘ some good starters. The platform has announced the renewal of the latter for a third season .

The announcement comes a month before Season 2 premieres on January 15, thus maintaining the tradition of premature renewals that Apple TV is practicing. Season 3 of ‘Servant’ thus joins those of ‘Dickinson’, ‘ For all humanity ‘ (whose second season we will be able to see in February) and ‘ Ted Lasso ‘ (no return date yet).

Created by Tony Basgallop and with M. Night Shyamalan as sporadic director and executive producer, the series is a thriller that begins when a couple hires a babysitter for their “baby”, who is actually a reborn doll. From here strange and supernatural things happen.

Season 2 promises to be, judging by the synopsis, darker and more unearthly with the exploration of Leanne’s (Nell Tiger Free) true nature . Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell and Rupert Grint are part of the main cast of the series. These new episodes of ‘Servant’ have the incorporation to the script of Nina Braddock, whose work we have seen in ‘ The Sinner ‘. On the other hand, about season 3 we do not know more details.

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