Overview of Sports Shoes:

Sports or Athletic shoes are especially designed for the purpose of games. In past, there was limited variety of such shoes. But in present days, there are numerous kinds of athletic shoes available in stores. Every brand has its own specification and material for production of these shoes. In this regard, Servis is the top leading Pakistani Shoe brand that provides all types of shoes for men, women, kids, boys and girls. It has wide range of athletic shoes for men with pure carbon-blown rubber sole that maintains the grip and long-lasting material is used while manufacturing these shoes.

Collection of Athletic Shoes at Servis:

In this article, different types of sports shoes for men have been discussed, so if anyone wants to buy best sports shoes must have brief look on it thus it can easily buy shoes according to his sport type:

Running Shoes:

The first and very common type of sport shoes is Running shoes that was also made in past. Since last seven decades, Servis has been manufacturing jogging shoes for men with high quality carbon rubber material for floor sole or soft padded cushion in inner sole. Running shoes further categorized in road running, trail running or cross training shoes, all these kinds of shoes with traditional or zero drop sole are available in Servis stores. During production, it is considered that these shoes should be cushioned. So that, it feet and heel remain easy or pain free during running. People who run on daily basis must buy those running shoes which are easily adjustable and maintain the balance during running. The good point is that Servis Sports shoes for menhave all characteristics that good one must have own it.

Walking shoes:

Walking is the daily basis activity and some people have such task that they walk more than a half a day. In such scenarios, they prefer such shoes which are durable and comfortable with soft padded inner sole with elegant color pattern. In this regard, Servis manufactures comfy and durable shoes for sportsand for other purposes like walking. These shoes are light in weight and have sweat free material used in inner sole that increases the duration time of wearing. Thus, while selecting a good shoe for running purpose, one must visit the Servis store where he can find every type of sport shoe with all features.

Tennis Shoes:

Tennis is the most popular game that is played in almost every country.  In Pakistan, it is also being played at national or international level. Even in societies this game is played. For this sport, there are especially soled shoes are designed in many outlets. Servis also designs shoes that are worn during playing Tennis. In this game side to side movements have been occurred. Therefore, soft or hard sole is required depend on the court where it is played. In Servis Stores, both types of tennis shoes are available with reasonable or market prices. The other best thing is that it keeps feet flexible and provides best support to feet.

Basketball Shoes:

For playing basketball game, there is need of thick and stiff sole that maintain the balance while playing this game. For this purpose, Servis fabricates such shoes that give satiability when running up and down in the court. These sports shoeshave a Christy sole that is made of blown rubber and a ripple pattern makes it attractive. Anyone who wants to buy, best shoes for basketball game, must visit Servis where he can find a wide range of shoes with budgetary prices or even high prices depends on customer demand.

Versatile-Training Shoes:

Sports Trainers required those shoes that would be suitable for all types of sports. To fulfill the demand of such customers, Servis manufactures such shoes that can be used in every type of sport. These types of shoes are known as versatile training shoes. These shoes are especially designed for trainers therefore; high quality material is used while making them. These shoes have soft padded inner sole that keeps feet sweating free. The outer sole is made of camp or rubber sole that stay water proof or long lasting. It maintains the balance of feet in every sport.

Attributes must be considered for selection of best pair of sports shoes:

It is not erroneous to say that there are many brands in Pakistan that manufactures sports shoes. Every brand has its own features and criteria while manufacturing or selling shoes in market. Along with all features and market value, Servis is one of the popular brands in Pakistan that produces all types of shoes with prime quality material. Thus, whenever anyone wants to buy a good pair of shoes, he /she must have a basic knowledge regarding selection of shoes. Some are listed down:

  1. Level of cushioning:

                    A best sport shoe is that having medium level of cushioning with softer feel. Level of cushioning maintains the balance and has lower impact on each stride. Therefore, while choosing a good pair of shoe, customer must have an idea about the level of cushioning.

  •  Shape of shoe:

                    The other thing is shape of shoe. One must buy according to his feet shape. Some have wider feet from toe side and some have slimmer. Thus, Servis has variety of all types.

  • Sole Material:

Last but not least, the inner and outer sole material varies in all states. The material is used in inner sole and outer sole must be in refine quality and long lasting. Every sport shoe has different sole material, the best production brand consider it while making Athleisure shoes.

Sum Up:  

Finally, it can be concluded that Servis is the top leading brand in Pakistan that have wide range of sports shoes for menand not only for men but also women available. It maintains the customer care and the quality of shoes to lead in the market. Hence, for buying a good pair of sport shoe, one must visit this outlet where he can find any type of shoe with elegant colors.

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