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Sew Zipper Smartly With Effective and Easy Tricks

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Beginner sewers may be scared by zippers, but they’re very simple to remove, and some are easier to insert than others. For example the invisible zipper,. When you add another, the machine stitching on the right side of the item is hidden. Everything is done in the background, completely hidden within the seam margins.

Investing in an invisible zipper foot will save you time and energy if you want to sew invisible zippers all the time – they can be used in skirts, tops, dresses, and even decor pillows. Moreover, using one will offer you a higher-quality look than a regular zipper foot. So that’s how to put it to good use once you’ve got it. One of the zipper fixer near me suggested some excellent tips and tricks to me, and these tips are very easy and helpful, so I decided to share them with you. 

Excellent Ways to Sew Zipper 

What do you need to sew a zipper?

  • Invisible zipper foot
  • Fabric marker or pins 
  • Ruler 
  • Tape 

When the pattern parts are still flat and separate, invisible zippers should be put in. In contrast to other zipper applications, you’ll also sew them to the right side of the fabric.

  • Prepare the Seam Edges First

The first tip my clothing alteration service suggested to me is where the zipper will be attached, finish or serge the joining seam edges. Next, put the right side up, joining seam edges side by side. Leave the back seam unstitched if you’re making a dress or skirt. Then, leave a mark 34″ from the top edges of each piece. It shows where the zipper should go and ensures that both sides of the joined parts are perfectly connected.

  • Mark the thread allowances

Where the invisible zipper will be put, mark a 5/8″ vertical seam allowance.

  • Get the zipper ready

Roll and press out the curled zipper teeth to make them lay slightly flat as you open the zipper. It will allow you to stitch closer together, resulting in a smoother zipper finish. When pressing, use a low-heat setting – too much heat can cause the teeth to melt.

  • Attach the zipper with pins

Pin the zipper coil in place, right side down, at one marked 5/8″ seam allowance. If the fabric will not shift and is stable, pinning it in place should be enough. Next, hand baste the zipper in place if the cloth is slick and likely to shift during stitching. After that, take out your pins.

  • Sew one of the zipper’s sides together

Make sure the zipper coils are rolled out and flat before putting the zipper’s teeth into the appropriate space in the invisible zipper foot. Then, begin stitching at the top edge and work until the foot hits the zipper stop. Then, to lock and remove, backstitch.

  • Pin the zipper’s other side

It is important that the zipper fixer near me suggested the following. First, the 34″ markers along the top border of each pattern piece must be matched. If not, the zipper will be improperly sewn in. Then, if necessary, adjust and re-pin.

  • Pin the zipper’s other side

The 34″ markers along the top edge of each pattern piece must be connected. If not, the zipper will be unevenly stitched in. If necessary, adjust and re-pin.

  • Sew the zipper’s other side

Sew the zipper to the pattern piece’s other side. Remember to roll out the zipper coils and lay them flat before inserting the zipper teeth into the proper groove in the foot. Start stitching at the top edge and work your way down until the foot hits the zipper stop. To lock and remove, backstitch. For a quick way, go to the clothing alteration service because they are experienced to fix this. 

  • Complete the seam under the zipper

Put the fabric right sides together, and the zipper tails out of the way. Place the project in your sewing machine and lower the needles near the last stitching line. Next, lower the foot and stitch about 2″ away from the zipper. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of seams to make them smooth and secure.

  • Finish the seam

Replace the presser foot with a regular one. Following the last stitching line, complete the seam on the project.

Last Words:

In no time, your invisible zipper will be inserted if you follow these simple steps. If you do not know how to fix this, go to Hello Laundry without wasting time. Hello Laundry’s experienced and qualified clothing alteration service team, sew a zipper in a few minutes. If you cannot visit Hello Laundry, then no worries, book an appointment on their application and schedule your time; they will come and pick your items.

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