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To learn more about the Sharswood Miller ,keep reading. However, before we get to that, let us find out who Fred Miller is and how he is related to this trending story.

Fred Miller and Sharswood: Who are they?

Fred Miller, 56 years old, is a Air Force veteran. In Virginia where he spent his childhood, Fred was drawn to the idea of buying a home in his community. Fred, who is a Californian lawyer, would love to own a property in his hometown. He finally bought the ancestral property, ‘The Sharswood Plantation’, unknowingly. Continue reading for more information.

What’s Sharswood Planation Miller HTML3_?

The Sharswood, or Fred Miller’s property, was named after the house. Karen Dixon- Rexroth was his sister and first discovered the property when she was walking along the road to the property with her mother. She was there when the sale board was being displayed and told her brother.

After purchasing the property, his sister and cousins conducted extensive research on the huge white house. It turned out that the house was owned by Nathaniel Crenshaw Miller, Edwin Miller, during the Civil War. The plantation property comprised 2000 acres.

Show 60 mins

The Sharswood plantation Millernews became viral on the 60 minute show. The entire story of Fred’s purchase of the ancestral property, without his intention, went viral after being discussed on the 60mins program. Fred spent his childhood under the green-roofed, white-coloured house. He was accompanied by his cousins to the house every day as he went to school.

His sisters began to research Sharswood after purchasing the property. They discovered that the property was owned by Sarah Miller, Fred’s great-grandmother. Karen, Fred’s sister and Dexter (Fred’s cousin’s brother), were also involved in the purchase. Keep reading this blog to find out more about Sharswood plantation Miller News.

More information about Miller ancestor

Sarah Miller was 81 years old when she died in 1949. Her parents were violet Miller (enslaved in Sharswood). This meant that the plantation property was linked to the whole Miller Family. Fred, his family, and his descendants used the 10.5-acre property worth $225,000 as a place to gather. That’s how Fred unknowingly acquired his entire ancestral property. It was quite remarkable for him and his relatives.


We hope you found the news regarding Sharswood Plantation Miller exciting. For him and his family, the entire story of how he bought the ancestral property was quite a surprise.

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