Sheila Kennedy Obituary What Happened To Sheila Kennedy?

Sheila Kennedy was an esteemed member of Corning, NY who passed away January 4, 2020 at Elcor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at age 67. Known for her deep faith, passion for nature, and devotion to family ties; Sheila lived her life demonstrating these core beliefs – an endeavor this article honors with insight. This piece recounts Sheila’s contributions, legacy left by Sheila.

Who Was Sheila Kennedy?

Sheila Kennedy was born January 5, 1952, to Melvin and Cecil (Ward). Throughout her upbringing in Corning, New York, Sheila established strong ties to her hometown that would remain present throughout her life.

What Were Sheila Kennedy’s Early Life and Education?

Sheila Kennedy graduated from Corning Free Academy, which provided the framework for all of her future endeavors. Corning’s early education shaped both Sheila’s professional life as well as personal destinies.

How Did Sheila Kennedy Contribute to Her Community?

Sheila’s long tenure as an Underwriter for Travelers Insurance Company marked her professional contribution to her community. Her work ethic and dedication were well-regarded, making her a respected figure in her professional circle.

What Were Sheila Kennedy’s Personal Interests?

A lover of nature, Sheila found joy and peace in gardening. Her passion for the outdoors was more than a hobby; it was a reflection of her appreciation for the beauty and serenity of the natural world.

How Did Faith Play a Role in Sheila Kennedy’s Life?

Sheila held strong faith in God. Her spiritual journey became part of who she was and how she connected with others.

Who Are the Surviving Members of Sheila Kennedy’s Family?

Sheila Kennedy leaves behind five siblings – Caroline Kennedy, Carol DePue, Patricia Wilson and Jeannette Kennedy as well as many nieces, nephews and family friends who she held dear. Her family provided Sheila with enormous comfort and support; She truly valued each relationship that existed.

What Was Sheila Kennedy’s Approach to Family Relationships?

Sheila approached family with great love, care, and responsibility. She fostered strong relationships amongst both immediate family members as well as extended relatives alike and took great pride in fulfilling the role of caring sister/aunt/grandma/auntie for both.
Her family relationships were a reflection of her generous and loving nature.

How Is Sheila Kennedy Remembered by Those Who Knew Her?

Sheila will always be remembered fondly and with love by those she touched as someone kind, compassionate, and loyal. Although we miss having her around anymore, our hearts take comfort knowing she has found peace now in God. Her legacy of faith, natural appreciation, and family commitment lives on in their memories of those whom Sheila touched throughout their lives.

What Were Sheila Kennedy’s Final Wishes Regarding Memorial Services?

In honoring Sheila’s request, there were no services held. This decision reflects her modest and private nature, and her family respects her wishes in commemorating her life privately.

Sheila Kennedy lived her life to its fullest, cherishing faith, nature and family above all else. Through her contributions to Travelers Insurance Company and family roles at large; such as traveling insurance claims consultant; she left an enduring impact. We remember Sheila with gratitude as we honor a life well lived as well as cherish the memories and values she taught us all.

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