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Sherri Kramer Net Worth Bob Saget – Cause of Death

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The world mourned one of the best comics on the stand, Bob Saget, on the 9th of January in 2022. The famous actor and comedian all over all of the United States and Canada was loved by his fans and condolences posted on social media. This also created the desire to learn more the story of Sherri Kramer, spouse of Bob Saget, who was once was married to Bob Saget.

The search results of Sherri Kramer Net worth started to trend via social media, which is why we provide the viewers a comprehensive look into Sherri Kramer Net Worth.

Who is Bob Saget?

Before we get into the discussion about Sherri Kramer let us give you a the basics about Bob Saget. The name of his birthplace is Robert Lane Saget, he is a well-known stand-up comic actor, host of a television show and host. He was recognized for his performance on the show as Danny Tanner in Fuller House and the sitcom’s sequel.

He died on the 09th of January, 2022. In the wake of this, search of Sherri Kramer and Bob Saget also began to circulate across the web. We will explore the similarities between Bob Saget Die and Sherri Kramer are in the next sections.

Who is Sherri Kramer?

Sherri Kramer was the former spouse of Bob Saget. The screenwriter is Sherri Kramer, and was an attorney before that. She is well-known for her ex-wifeship with Bob Saget. Bob as well as Sherri are parents to three kids: La Maine, Aubrey Saget as well as Jennifer Belle. She is now 65 she was born on the 08th of August 1956.

What is Sherri Kramer Net Worth ?

When the news of the death of Bob’s Saget was revealed online, people were curious about Sherri Kramer’s net worth. Sherri Kramer’s net worth is estimated to $1 million , according to sources.

Bob Saget – Cause of Death

According to sources, Bob Saget breathed his last breath on January 9, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. He was there to take part in a stand-up comedy tour. Additionally, he appeared in Ponte Vedra Beach an evening prior to his passing. According to reports, the hotel staff discovered him not breathing inside the room around 4pm at EST. The hotel staff did not report any foul play.

Sherri Kramer Bob Saget rose to fame as the spouse of Bob Saget, with whom she has three children. His passing was mourned by a number of online celebrities who posted condolences on social media. They described Bob Saget as a humble compassionate and caring person.

Final Conclusion

Bob Saget got married to Kelly Rizzo in 2018 after divorce from his former wife Sherri Kramer. Sherri Kramer, a lawyer who later entered the field of screenwriting. Although there isn’t much information regarding her life, she has an extravagant and luxurious life. Her scriptwriting credits include of her novels Dirty Daddy, How I Met My Mother, Fuller House and Dirty Work.

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