Should I leave my TV on for cats?

Many people who own pets would agree that their animal companions are much like family members. That’s why it is natural to feel a pang of guilt anytime you have to leave yours for more than just a few hours to run errands or go out for the night. (The sad expression and droopy eyes only add to the adorableness of the situation.)

It’s tempting to fall back on the tried-and-true method of turning on the radio or television to keep your furry friend company while you are away. However, it appears that neither may produce sounds that pique their interest. For instance, recent studies out of the University of Wisconsin–Madison reveal that felines don’t enjoy human music very much (at least not classical human music).

Following are some effects of leaving the cat around the TV sounds and noises.

Separation Anxiety

Animals who have been abandoned or have endured trauma may be more likely to exhibit symptoms of separation. Leaving the stereo or TV on as you go out the door is risky unless your pet is tolerant of the noise. They can help your pet feel more at ease if you leave them on. However, this won’t help them overcome their fear; instead, you should seek the advice of professionals and gain your pet’s complete trust before attempting to ease their anxiety. If you need to leave the music on, choose something soothing, like soft classical music, rather than ear-splittingly loud rock or metal.

Acts as a Companion to Cats

People often resort to watching TV or a movie when they have to work or do something else alone in silence. It’s just like having a companion there with you. Try playing some soothing background music for your cat. Different species and individual pets may have different tastes and reactions to music. To some extent, your pet will enjoy the background noise, like music or the sound of people talking on the TV. It is possible since they live in an environment where they are used to hearing people whispering. Hence, it would have a relaxing effect on them.

Harmful Noises

Your pet may get concerned about frequent or loud noises in or outside your home. Some creatures are easily frightened by unexpected, loud noises. Noises like aeroplanes, yelling people, and car horns could frighten your indoor pet. Being alone and hearing these noises will undoubtedly increase their fear and unease. If you’re worried about your pet getting lonely or stressed while you’re gone, try playing music or turning on the TV or radio to drown out the noise.


Before leaving the radio or TV on, make sure your pet is used to the noise. If the sounds make them feel uncomfortable and nervous, you should reconsider leaving the TV on.

If your pet doesn’t like a specific type of music or TV show, try switching to a different genre. However, if they express extreme disapproval, you should refrain from making any noise at home. You should also apply for getting a cat insurance in case the noise has any adverse impact on it. Through this, you ensure maintaining your cat’s good health.

On the other hand, if your pet enjoys listening to music or watching TV in the background, there is no reason to stop. Leaving music or other sounds on at too high of a volume may have the opposite impact of what you intend. It all boils down to the particular species at hand and the particular preferences of your canines. Verify their agreement with your plans by seeing how they behave.

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