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Who doesn’t love simulation games, really? Bluechip casino There’s something inherently satisfying about creating your whole world in a theme park or a zoo, or in the case of SimCasino, a casino.

Being able to build it exactly how you want it, and seeing it thrive and succeed could not be more fun. But did you know that there are a few tactics you can try out to maximize the success of your casino in SimCasino?

That’s why we’re here today. Stick around as we bring you all the latest tips and hints for SimCasino. With these in mind, there’s no way your casino will fail!

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Start off with the slots

Getting started with SimCasino can actually be pretty tricky. If you don’t employ the correct tactics right off the bat, you can find yourself running out of money very quickly indeed. A great way to prevent this happening is by starting off installing slots.

Slots in SimCasino are some of the cheapest things to build and as a result, it’s a great way to start building up a passive income to help cover staff wages and other running costs as you save up to buy bigger and better things.

If you invest too heavily at the start, you might find that not enough income is generated, and you end up going bankrupt. That’s not a very fun place to be!

Another tip within slots is to not build slots that take lower than $1 payments. You can control this option in the settings for the slot machine itself. Even though these slots will pay out more, they’ll generate more income and can therefore be more lucrative at the end of the day.

Most simulator games require you to build a low-level passive income right from the start, so you can apply this tip to other games too. Internet Cafe 2 is another example!

The Clone Area tool

One of the best things to do in simulator games is to learn the shortcuts. They improve workflow, thus saving time and freeing you up to do other things to make more money. One of the most important shortcuts to learn in SimCity is the Clone Area tool.

With this tool, you can select a whole area of your casino and simply copy it. This is particularly useful if you want to build another identical bathroom, an area of the casino (such as a room of slot machines) or perhaps a bar.

Turn off Auto Delivery

A lot of SimCity players turn off Auto Delivery in the settings when they’re setting up their new casino. It helps you to stay in control of the game a little better and also helps with the cash in your vault. Auto Delivery constantly changes the amount of money in your vault and this can be a real pain!

This one is, of course, subject to opinion but the general consensus is that it is better to have this feature turned off.

Schedule your staff in the right ways

Staff can be one of the biggest frustrations in the game as they can really drain your money. A great way to stay on top of this is to schedule your staff in the right way. This requires a bit of practice to get right, but if you can do it successfully, it’s definitely one of the best ways to stay on top of your overall outcome in the game.

As a result of this, you’ll have more money left over to buy more equipment and therefore, of course, you’ll be able to make more money overall throughout the game.

Last thoughts on SimCasino

SimCasino is a whole lot of fun. It’s definitely one of the best simulator games to play, especially if you’re into your casinos! It might not be a substitute for the real-world casino or online casino games where you can win real money, but with the tips listed in this article, you’ll be in the driving seat to having the best SimCity casino experience. Good luck with it, and have fun.

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