Skiing in Kashmir

Kashmir is a winter destination. It receives a lot of snow in winter months which makes this gorgeous place the best destination for winter activities. What better winter activity can be there other than skiing? Skiing in Kashmir is quite famous and is a winter sport here since last century. Skiers from across the country and world come to go Kashmir to experience the thrill of skiing here. This is the most sought-after activity during winter here along with snow trekking.

Skiing destinations in Kashmir

  • Gulmarg

Gulmarg is the most famous skier. It is also famous otherwise being a beautiful hill station and a go-to place for people who want to see snow. This is just 2.5 hours from the airport of Srinagar. It is also famous for having Asia’s highest cable car called a gondola. The gondola is a cable car ride that takes you up to the highest altitude of Gulmarg possible. You get the best panoramic view from here and most importantly it is quite a romantic ride. 

  • Sonamarg

Sonamarg was a famous ski destination in the 70s and 80s. However, owing to the heavy snowfall the places remained closed during mid-winter. But thanks to the tunnel system that has been developed on the road going to Sonamarg, this place is now open all year including winter months. This place has the breathtaking Thajwas mountain range in the background of smooth ski slopes. A lot of seasoned skiers come here for skiing now during winter and enjoy the raw snow skiing. It however is not as developed as Gulmarg is for skiing.

  • Aru

Like Sonamarg, Aru valley was a famous ski destination before Gulmarg got its fame as a ski destination. Aru has the best slopes that give you the perfect ski experience. Many of the ski expeditions have been done here in the past. Now the tourism department of Kashmir is developing it again as a proper ski destination. Owing to the lack of infrastructure and proper snow safety measures, this place is still in its infancy and only seasoned skiers go there to enjoy skiing on the unbeaten slopes of Aru. 

  • Skiing in Kashmir Safety

Kashmir is known for conducting skiing here since the era of the British. Over the years skiing developed and got into prominence until people from all across the world started visiting this part of heaven. Among all the places here which are fit for skiing and have slopes, Gulmarg undoubtedly is the safest and most secure destination for skiing in Kashmir. The Gulmarg development authority has made quite improved changes and facilities to make it the best ski destination in India. It has the best ski patrol team, the best hotels, learned ski instructors, and the best ski equipment. Most importantly it has well-groomed ski slopes where you can learn skiing safety. For adventure skiers, it has a backcountry where you can ski on unbeaten slopes.

Owing to the safety of Gulmarg ski slopes, it is the best recommended for Gulmarg skiing courses here in Kashmir.

Other than Gulmarg, other places are less safe and not recommended for skiing, particularly for a beginner. If you are a seasoned skier, you can do skiing in Aru and Sonamarg and enjoy the pristine and raw virgin ski slopes. These less crowded places for skiing are a treat to seasoned skiers.

To sum up Skiing in Kashmir is a famous winter activity. You can choose this winter to do skiing in Kashmir and this will be your lifetime tour amid the gorgeous snow 

the clad landscape of Kashmir. 

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