Skills You Might Be Lacking to Become the Next Lebron James

Do you want to feel appreciated on the court? Or do you just strive to be satisfied with your playing? This page will reveal a list of fundamental basketball skills to help you reach both objectives. Let’s see what you might need to learn!


Dribbling is a fundamental part of the entire basketball game. Do you think that you can drive the ball, and that’s it? Not at all. The dribbling can be much more complicated and resultative. However, you need it for as long as your role suggests.

For instance, if you are a center player, then yes, simple driving is the most you need in a majority of cases. Still, some flashy spin moves or behind-the-back dribbles might unlock new attacking options for you.

In contrast, if you are a point guard, you should be the best dribbler on your team. This skill becomes essential as you must grab several defenders and pass them by. You can’t do it without the moves. Such should be all sorts of pace changes, crossovers, behind-the-backs, between-the-legs, and low and high dribbles.

Plus, don’t forget that you can learn many interesting dribbling moves serving in particular cases. For example, a Euro Step is a great finisher when driving to the bucket guarded by a single (maximum two) player.


The most vital element in any 5v5 basketball attack is good passing. It opens many playing possibilities for the team, unlocking easy shots. But this is not only about the shooting strategy (which you should discuss with your trainer or a team) but also the technique.

To better outplay your opponents, you must know and utilize different pass types correctly. For instance, if a tall player is between you and the pass target, the best option would be the bouncing pass. When the ball is closest to the defender, it will be on the ground, making it out of his reach.

Conversely, this move is not that effective against shorter players. Instead, we should strive to pass the ball above them, maintaining precision too.

All this requires two types of practice. The first one is mechanical. You can quickly hone your mechanical passing skill with your partners.

A second type of practice is macro. You need to understand when one pass type is optimal. You can do it by watching Chriss Paus, a Golden State player, perform. He has recently scored by highest passer rating, showing the best passing efficiency in the NBA.

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You’ve probably seen this coming. Good shooting makes a massive difference in basketball, directly influencing your team’s score.

The first thing you should work on to improve the shots is shooting form. It is a complex skill that allows you to release the ball optimally. You’ll score many more buckets when you have a good shooting form. Moreover, your shooting will feel like an entire mechanism, which is quite satisfying.

To develop an impeccable shooting form, you need an outer help. Ideally, it would be a lesson with a trainer. But if you’re lacking one, ask some higher-class shooters to help you. When there is no access to both, just look for some YouTube guides. Often, they can be more helpful than someone’s advice.

Once the shooting form is set, go and practice. Make as many shots as you can from different parts of the court. The more you do, the better your new form will be grasped. And so, your game’s performance is going to be higher.


Do you know that the team that gets more rebounds usually makes more shots per game? Therefore it is essential to score more.

However, rebounding is not as important as the previous three skills as it depends on them. So if you rebound and lack shooting, passing, or dribbling, it will be hard to realize an attack. They should be brought to perfection in the first place.

But as soon as you are comfortable with them, hurry to improve your rebound skill. In fact, if you are a tall center player, rebounding might be even more crucial than shooting. It’s because a taller player is a natural candidate for rebounds.

How do you train them? First, improve your vertical jump and make it as comfortable with a stretched-out hand. Then try to find the most comfortable moves for your hand in this position and practice them. And don’t forget about your body position. It should be a bit rotated for you to make the longest reach.

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