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Our blog will give you a good insight into the viral entertainment platform. Follow our blog to get the latest updates. – Have you heard of it? Do you know of any platforms that offer movies and music? Here we share with you a fascinating detail about a platform that offers an extensive collection of music and movies.

Skimox has become popular in France. Continue reading to learn more about the latest news.

What is all about?

This platform offers a wide range of music and movies for people of all ages. has several categories, including animation, documentaries and shows.

You can choose your favorite shows and movies based on genre. This platform offers a variety of entertainment. You can choose from a variety of genres, including music and documentaries. details about its documentary

Hallelujah the Words Leonard Cohen (2022).

This documentary examines Leonard Cohen’s career through the lens of Hallelujah – his worldwide anthem.

Hackers made in Russia (2023) – HTML0

Russian hackers are major players in the criminal underworld around the world. Maxim Jakubets is a highly sought-after hacker by FBI. He can operate freely in Russia. He created malware that caused tens and millions of dollars of losses. But he lives a comfortable life in Russia.

Since years, the Kremlin tried to exploit pirates in exchange for freedom. On , you can watch many other documentaries.

Let’s Go Kids 2022-

A high school in the centre of the city uses hip-hop dancing to integrate students who come from poor neighbourhoods, and to stop the cycle academic failure.

Our Father for All (2022) –

After discovering that she is related to many half-brothers, half-sisters through a DNA testing, a woman discovers the terrible secret of a reproductive doctor.

The Tinder Scammer (HTML0) – 2022

He courted online women while pretending to have a successful business, and then demanded that they pay him millions of dollars. Some people today seek retribution.

How about the animation clips available on ?

The Secret of the Prelims 2023-

Clae and Bruo are two undercover agents who work for the Sun and Moon Kingdoms. They compete with each other and share the Magic Forest. When the Giants threaten their world, both Clae and Bruo must work together to overcome their differences. Prelims are a mysterious group of creatures that can only save the forest.

Spider Man Next Generation (2018)-

Miles Morales is a teenager from Brooklyn who is of Puerto Rican descent. He also has African ancestry. However, he finds it hard to fit into his new Manhattan college. Miles Morales is bitten by radioactive spiders and gains superpowers. He can poison his enemies, blend in with the background, adhere to walls and ceilings and increase hearing.

When was created?

Skimox was launched on 17/05/2023, two days earlier. It will close on 17/05/2024. The website provides full descriptions of genres so that viewers can choose their favorite. This website offers a variety of genres, including

  • Dramatic –
  • Fear Not!
  • Enjoy the Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Fantastic
  • Police officer
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller etc.

This entertainment platform describes the categories in detail so that viewers can read it before selecting it. The summary helps the viewer to better understand the movie, show etc.

We did not receive any feedback from viewers here, as this platform is not accessible on social media. We did not even get any feedback from the viewers. Feedback is unavailable on one website, but not another. We didn’t even know that it was popular. We did not receive any social media links.


Skimox is only two-days old, so it’s not very popular yet. users must therefore be careful, and read all terms and conditions before using the Skimox entertainment platform.

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