Sld Opportunity Scam People who were sent such texts

Did you know that scams are becoming increasingly popular these days? Do not panic if this is the first time you’ve heard of it. Today we will provide as much information on the scam as we can. The scammers are operating in the United States. Some people have fallen for their traps.

This post will discuss the Sld Opportunities Scam. You can read the whole article to learn more about the scam.

All About the Scam

The text messages that are part of “SLD Opportunity”, are being sent to potential victims. Con artists are trying to convince victims that they have a job offer. To get them, the receiver can call them at either the number in the fake SMS or via a Zoom Link. Rosa@SLB is also claiming that they have a few questions about resumes.


This scam involves the sending of a text to the victim that says: “You have been approved to join the SLD’s Company Overview along with an Interview on XYZ hour at ABC hour.” The text may include a Zoom invite number or contact phone number. It can also say, Hello, Rosa@SLD. We have a few questions about your resume. You may be invited to an online interview. For this, they will include their contact number.

If you, your family members, or friends have been victims of Sld Opportunity Scam in the past, please be aware and warn your loved ones to avoid falling for this trap. This article may be shared with your loved ones to help you tell them about the scam.

People who were sent such texts

We have heard from people who were contacted by such scammers and told them that they had set up a zoom conference. The scammers started with a video of the company and said that their CEO, aside from being busy, has taken the time to conduct this interview. This Sld Opportunity scam also includes a 1-on-1 interview where they mention a paid course which the candidate must take to gain entry into the company.

People who are stable may avoid giving money. However, people who are desperate for money or a job might fall for the trap.


We have attempted to inform readers about the current scam. We warn readers not to fall for this trap.

Did you enjoy the post? We have tried to keep our viewers away from this scam by providing as much information possible about the Sld Chance Scam.

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