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Are you a big fan of The Umbrella Academy Series series? Season 3 was broadcast on NetFlix on 22 June 2022 in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Season 3 aired 10 episodes. NetFlix telecasted all ten episodes simultaneously.

Sloane and Allison disappeared at the end Season 3. Did Sloane die? Let’s find out what happened to Sloan Umbrella Academy.

Did Sloane die?

Sloane’s final days were not mentioned in the series. It is possible that she could be still alive. Sir Reginald wanted to see his children follow his plan. So, he had Luther killed so that Sir Reginald could allow his children to enter Hotel Oblivion.

Sloane couldn’t help but follow her adopted siblings to Hotel Oblivion, since Luther was gone. Their team defeats guardians.

Sir Reginald needed to reset everything in order to fix things. Unfortunately, this causes his children to lose all of their abilities. After the incident, they were shown emerging from an Obsidian Memorial Park door.

Surprisingly Luther is back in human form, along with all other people. But Sloane Hargreeves weren’t there! Sloane wasn’t shown as dead in the series. This event HOLDS THE SUSPENSE on Sloane’s status in Season 4.

About Sloane

Sloane is one 43 super-powerful children who were born on October 1, 1989. She is often called Number Five. Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted them. She joined the Sparrow Academy as an adult after she was grown up.

Sloane is the adopted sister of Ben, Fei Alphonso Jayme, Jayme and Christopher, as well as Luther, her husband. Sloane is considered a female of human species. She has brown eyes and hazel-coloured hair.

Umbrella Academy Sloane Actress:

Season 3 will see Genesis Rodriguez play the role as Sloane. Genesis was born on the 29th of July 1987 in Miami. She is an actor, and a model.

The romantic touch Genesis gives to Sloane’s character of Sloane comes from her dreams about Luther Hargreeves. Luther saved Sloane’s lives when Harlan attacked her. Harlan had already killed two Sparrows.

Sloane is romantic and dreamy by nature. She’s also curious about the world outside of the academy. Sloane is deeply connected to her family. However, she is determined to fulfill her dreams.

Sloane & Luther finally got married.

Sloane Hargreeves 

Sloane is a gravity-defier. Sloane has the ability to control gravity and fly.


Sloane can be thought to still exist, but could have lost time or space. Another assumption is that Sir Reginald wanted to bring back Luther. This would mean Sloane had had to die. These are just hypotheses. However, the actual status Sloane will be revealed in more Seasons. Sloane is not listed as dead to allow for more possibilities for her revival.

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